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best selling smart bracelet will update very soon

best selling smart bracelet will update very soon


Xiaomi’s new Smart Band 8 bracelet has already been certified in Korea with news at least in one strap that has been completely redesigned.

First images of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8: the best-selling smart bracelet will be updated very soon
Very soon, the successful Xiaomi Smart Band 7 will give way to an eighth generation that begins its journey of leaks.

if i come in The best quantifying bracelets on the market we had to choose one, surely and according to its great relation between price and performance there would be no color at the time of decide directly for the Xiaomi Smart Bandthat already in its seventh generation they left us with a very good taste in our mouths for its precision and its enormous quality screen.

And now after introduce ourselves in Europe to the Xiaomi 13 and thanks to the colleagues GSMArenawe know the next iteration of the Haidian giant’s smart bracelets, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 that have already been certified in Korea leaving us a couple of images and some detail that another.

Although it is true that the documentation does not leave much information, here you have the first photographs of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 courtesy of certification body NRRA Korea:

We are not going to talk about the hardware because we do not know any reliable information, although it seems that the design will be similar with a large, full-color screen and a high-precision physical quantificationwith sports auto-detection and sleep monitoring. There will be no changes there, although surely there will be improvements that we will know about later…

As for the straps, we do see that their design has changed completely abandoning the classic silicone bracelet that accompanied all generations of the Xiaomi Smart Band in favor of a more traditional strap model, in two parts And yes, with a hitch that seems proprietary.

The user experience will thus be more solid, with some straps that will anchor well to the body in the form of an elongated tablet, with no possibility of the fluid slipping out in the face of sudden movements. core of the Smart Band and we are left with only the strap on the wrist. In any case, this change will not be entirely good, since we will lose backwards compatibility with the straps we already haveand also surely Xiaomi will want to charge us good money for the new bracelets.

We will be attentive to the movements of the Haidian giant, as it seems clear that now that they have picked up a run, The renewals of all its most emblematic products will begin to arriveSources tell us that this Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is imminent!



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