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Best storage options for the Steam Deck in 2023

If you want a boost in storage for your Steam Deck, then we have a list of some of the best around for you from SSDs to microSD cards.

Have you managed to get hold of a Steam Deck and need a way to pack it full of all your games? There are two ways to expand the storage capacity of this portable console and change the way you play games. One is through the use of microSD cards and the other is the replacement of the internal SSD. The easiest method is adding a microSD card, the same form of storage that can be used to expand the capacity of a tablet or smartphone. The microSD card can be any size, but it should support the UHS-I speed standard, which most microSD cards support these days.

If the goal is to provide as much storage room for games as possible, we’d recommend going down the route of replacing the internal SSD. It’s worth noting that this will void your warranty, but it is perfectly safe, so long as you follow the necessary steps and cause no damage to the internal components of the Steam Deck. You’ll need to buy an M.2 2230 NVMe SSD, which we’re suggesting below. Remember, have operating system installation files handy, a backup of your files, and be prepared to reinstall a fresh OS after swapping the SSD.

Best storage options for the Steam Deck: Bottom line

Those are the best storage options for the Steam Deck in 2023. We covered a traditional SSD like the SABRENT Rocket 2230 NVMe 4.0 1TB SSD which offers the fastest possible read and write speeds for your games. And then we also looked at several popular microSD cards, like the SanDisk Extreme which offers 1TB of storage, the Samsung Evo Select, which is a value microSD card, and even the SanDisk Extreme Pro, which is the fastest possible SD card you can buy.

The most important thing when picking out a microSD card on Amazon is to make sure that you pick one out from a verified seller. On Amazon, in particular, there are plenty of fake SD cards being sold that report higher storage but will actually fill up and not accept any more data, or start overwriting existing data, way earlier than you expect. This is why we suggest you pick from a trusted brand.

If you don’t already own a Steam Deck, you can check out our Steam Deck review for more. It might not be one of the best gaming laptops, but it’s still an excellent way to game on the go.


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