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Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer | Review in 2021

If you want to make cooking a lot easier, plenty of kitchen appliances will do the task for you. One is an air fryer. These are devices that cook your food by circulating hot air as a convection oven would. In addition, the food made in an air fryer is healthier than food made in deep fryers because air fryers do not need as much oil. Many people love air fryers to make their favorite fried foods, but many air fryers nowadays come with additional features. In this article, we will be talking about the Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer and whether or not this inexpensive option is worth purchasing.


First, it’s important to discuss some of the criteria you should be aware of before purchasing an air fryer.

  • What can you make in it?: Lots of air fryers nowadays give you the option to make plenty of different foods, and you’re not always just limited to frying. Some come with options for baking, grilling, roasting, and more.
  • What is its capacity?: You’ll want to check the size of the air fryer to see if you will be able to fit your favorite foods in it. If you have a larger family, you’ll need to get a larger air fryer. Some air fryers even come with two shelves so you can cook two dishes.
  • Settings: You’ll also want to check out the air fryer’s settings, particularly when it comes to temperature. Every food needs to be cooked at a different temperature, so you’ll want to make sure that you can make your favorites in the air fryer you’re thinking about.
  • Wattage: It’s essential to see if you can use the fryer with your kitchen outlets.

Big Boss Oil-Free Air Fryer Review

With the Big Boss Oil-less Fryer, you will be able to make food in many different ways, including frying, baking, grilling, and roasting. It comes in several colors, including red, silver, black, gray, blue, and copper. You will easily be able to fit the device on your countertop for added convenience. It currently retails for $72.40 on Amazon.

As the name suggests, you’ll only need to use a little bit of oil- if any at all. It’s easy to use with two dials and temperature control settings. The device has an automatic shutoff feature, and it has included food directions on the unit.

To make your life easier, the Big Boss 1300-watt oil-less fryer has a clear bowl, which means that you will have a much easier time monitoring your food. In addition, you won’t have to open the lid at all, which, according to Big Boss Air Fryer reviews, people especially liked as it meant that you’d be done a lot faster.

It comes with an extender ring, which will allow you to extend the unit’s capacity to 16 quarts, making it big enough for you to be able to cook an entire turkey. As the unit has two shelves, you will also be able to cook different foods simultaneously.

The air fryer has triple cooking
power that includes halogen, convection, and infrared heat. It operates using
1300 watts of power.

You can see the air fryer in action
in this video.

Pros and Cons

According to Big Boss 16 qt oil-less fryer reviews, we’ve compiled some pros and cons people mentioned about the operation of the product.


  • You will be able to cook a large capacity of food at once.
  • It comes with two racks, which will give you the ability to cook two dishes simultaneously.
  • The air fryer comes with an extensive temperature range, perfect for all the different food you will be making.
  • You can do a lot with the air fryer, including baking, grilling, roasting, and more.
  • It comes with plenty of accessories.
  • There is a 60-minute automatic timer.
  • The glass bowl will allow you to watch the progress of your food without having to open the lid.


  • It’s pretty big and might not fit on smaller countertops.
  • Some people noticed that the air fryer doesn’t cook food evenly.
  • It’s not very easy to clean.
  • The bowl is too hot to touch when it’s done cooking.
  • A few people mentioned that the interface is difficult to figure out.


The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer received quite several great reviews, and it’s available at a reasonable price. So, it seems like this is a product that is worth purchasing. Understand that it might not work as well as some other air dryers available at higher prices, but overall, it seems like it’s worth considering this air dryer.

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