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BiggBossSeason7: Aathi! Are they the next two ‘wild card entries’?… The game is going to get ‘hot’!

The Bigg Boss show, which entered the arena with a total of eighteen contestants, is now slowly starting to heat up. Bigg Boss has taken up the concept of house which is a common problem like small house and big house. Bigg Boss kept the contestants in a state of panic till the end when Ananya and Bava Chelathur announced no eviction last week and then let them breathe a sigh of relief.

Currently, most of the contestants like Pradeep, Vishnu, Jovika, Vichitra, and Maya are providing content to the extent that Bigg Boss is getting choked up. It is the prediction of the readers that Kool Suresh, Poornima etc. will soon come in this circle and raise the TRP of the show. In this situation, there are reports that the Bigg Boss team has decided to field some more wild card entries and take the game at a jet speed.

In that way, there are credible reports that both serial actress Archana and Ghanaian singer Bala are likely to enter in succession. One of them is expected to move in this week with the completion of evision. Bigg Boss has given an opportunity to more young contestants than ever before. Due to this, even if the season seems to be a bit dull now, the show team expects that Bigg Boss will soon become a topic of conversation on social media.

And one or two now, armies are being started for competitors on social media. Therefore, it is expected that the season will raise not only the TRP but also the BP of all parties in two weeks. Are you wondering who will be the best wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house? Don’t forget to comment!

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