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Bill Gates’ strange new prediction: the “agents” will arrive soon

Once again, Bill Gates will try to elucidate what the near future holds for us.

Bill Gates' strange new prediction: the "agents"
Gates is an expert when it comes to making predictions

Bill Gates is a recurring figure in technology sections around the world. Sometimes, based on his investments in crazy proposals like mosquito farms or agricultural companies that end up sinking. However, what is most often followed are its worrying predictionsespecially since he clearly got it right with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and also with the date on which it would end up ceasing to be important.

His latest prediction will try to tell us about how is going to change the way people use technology with the arrival of the “agents”. Let’s see what he means by all this and what the key points are in this regard.

Bill Gates’ latest prediction

In one of the most recent blog postsBill Gates has spoken at length about the existence of agents. This is something really interesting, even more so with the arrival of the web version of CopilotMicrosoft’s new AI. These agents will seek to be a travel companion for usa truly refined AI that is capable of being in all aspects of our lives and being able to help us with whatever we need.

It is true that Alexa and the rest of the current assistants are very good, but they are basically voice command programs, not conventional artificial intelligence. These new agents yes they would be and they would make our lives easier in matters as important as, for example, medicine. Although this will surely raise more than one eyebrow since it could be considered something unsafe. However, Gates has been very optimistic:

People will need to see evidence that health agents are generally beneficial, even if they are not perfect and make mistakes.

Thus, for Gates, the Agents are the future and will be able to revolutionize technology in a really interesting way.

In summary, we find the following points:

  • Gates has predicted the arrival of the agents.
  • These are virtual assistants that are going to be much more advanced than the current ones. We will have to say goodbye to Alexa, Google and Siri to make way for a new, even more refined version of the assistant that will definitely become a everyday assistant.
  • The assistants of the different brands are simply a series of bots that fulfill very specific functions, but this it will change with the agents.
  • They will be like Alexa, but much better, since they will be able to enter all aspects of our lives.
  • Among the aspects they will enter into, we find that they will also play a key role when it comes to people’s health.
  • He will also be in charge of educating people and business. In short, agents will be total assistants.

However, How much will it cost to get an agent?. Gates has decided to jump into the pool and assures that some will be completely freeWhile other AIs will be paid and we will have to invest significant sums of money in them, it always depends on what we want them for.

This also sows a very promising future. obsolete for internet search engines, since we will not ask the search engine, but we will actually ask our AI. Although who knows, perhaps by then search engines are precisely that, an AI.

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