Technology NewsTechBlack Friday 2022: The best tech deals!

Black Friday 2022: The best tech deals!


Are you waiting for Black Friday 2022 to pick up an iPhone, a PS5, or a MacBook on a special discount? While waiting for Black Friday to happen, discover the best tech deals on smartphones, wearables, and connected devices that have been selected and verified by NextPit.

This selection will be regularly updated throughout Black Friday Week starting November 18 all the way through Black Friday 2022 on November 25, taking into consideration Cyber Monday that falls on November 28.

The best tech deals for Black Friday 2022

In this article, we are going to gather the best deals of Black Friday 2022 that offer real discounts and not an inflated price with a steep slash in prices. We will sort the tech deals according to the different e-tailers that offer them including Amazon.

Black Friday 2022: The best deals from Amazon

On Amazon, we have a large series of deals that are coming in with every passing moment. In this section, you will find our handpicked selection of deals. If those do not interest you, you can check out our extended Amazon Black Friday Deals article for a broader selection of good deals.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a commercial event that was first launched in the US, and has since spread across all over the world where each countries have their fair share of discounts to kick off the holiday shopping season.

More often than not, it lasts a week or even up to 10 days, depending on the retailer. The likes of Amazon do offer their fair share of interesting deals, as well as some duds.

Over in select parts of Europe, Black Friday is not considered a sales event. Certain countries in the EU such as France, see regulated sales according to the law. The winter and summer sales are the only periods during which merchants are allowed to sell their products at a steep discount, way below the recommended retail price, as part of their effort to clear their stocks.

This particular practice is prohibited during Black Friday then. As a result, the discounts can’t be all that interesting. Sometimes, even often, merchants happen to game the system by stating a far higher opening price so that the huge discount offered looks enticing to consumers. That’s why it’s important to compare prices and above all not to take the massive discounts for granted as shown by e-retailers (in addition to how many tech sites tend to do so without even checking).

black friday 2022
Black Friday 2022 is happening on Friday, November 25, 2022. / © BongkarnGraphic /

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday 2022 is officially set to happen on Friday, November 25, 2022, which is also the last Friday of the month, right after Thanksgiving Thursday. However, the promotions have already begun to trickle out a week before, on November 18, 2022. This is the beginning of Black Friday Week 2022. It’s just an excuse to bombard consumers with the first wave of deals in advance, but you can already find some interesting promotions if you were to look hard enough.

In any case, the real Black Friday 2022 will take place on Friday 25 November and retailers such as Amazon as well as manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, and other notable players should begin offering deals at midnight. In general, and based on our personal experience, merchant sites always take several hours to update all the latest promotions and it is rarely worth staying up all night.

How long will Black Friday 2022 last? All day on Friday, November 25. But Black Friday 2022 will also extend over the weekend or Black Friday Weekend to end on Monday, November 28, 2022, which is otherwise known as Cyber Monday. This last day may be interesting because it focuses almost exclusively on tech products.

How does NextPit check for discounts during Black Friday 2022?

For Black Friday 2022, all the deals selected by NextPit are checked and verified. To do so, we look at several elements.

We start by comparing the prices via online comparators such as Keepa (for Amazon only). We check that the advertised discount is real and that the discounted price displayed has not been artificially inflated. Basically, we look if the product is really cheaper than prior to Black Friday.

We also verify the source of the product, whether it is sold directly by the merchant or by a third-party seller via its marketplace. Third-party sellers do not offer the same after-sales service or the same return and refund guarantees as Amazon, for example, and this is an important point to take note of.

Such is the nature of the seller, marketplace or not, which will also affect the price comparison. For example, if a smartphone is on sale on Amazon, we will compare the price with the price it was offered for prior to the promotion to see whether it corresponds to the displayed price. We will not compare it with the price where it is sold on the marketplace, which might be lower.

And the same goes for a promotion from a third-party seller. We will not compare the price with the official prices on Amazon. Rather, we will compare it with the prices of other sellers in the marketplace. As the prices in the marketplace are always lower, this distinction that we make allows us to make a fair comparison. We avoid being fooled by a marketplace promotion that is not really a promotion at all.

Finally, if the actual discount, after determining whether the promotional price was inflated or not, is cheaper by at least $30, we will consider it a good bargain and would recommend this Black Friday 2022 discount to our readers.

How do I track Black Friday 2022 on NextPit?

We will be there to accompany you throughout Black Friday 2022. Me and my colleagues will personally vet all the deals and promotions that are shared on NextPit. That’s why you’ll find constantly refreshed articles about Black Week, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday on our homepage.

In the meantime, you can find your dream smartphone or new headphones at NextPit. Here you will find many selections of the best smartphones and there is no lack of tests or comparisons either.


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