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Bluetooth calls and 12 days of battery

Bluetooth calls and 12 days of battery


It is difficult to find a more complete smartwatch for just over 30-40 euros, it offers you a very complete experience for this price

This Xiaomi smart watch is a gift for less than 40 euros: Bluetooth calls and 12 days of battery
The quality-price ratio of this Xiaomi smartwatch is simply unbeatable / Image by Urban Tecno

In it cheap smart watches market There are very varied quality options. However, if we look for spend about 30-40 euros in the purchase, the Redmi watch 3 active Is the best option for its excellent quality-price ratio. Although it may seem like a lie, for this price Xiaomi offers you a smart watch with a beautiful and comfortable design, with a large screen, with battery for up to 12 days and features as advanced as Bluetooth calls.

This Redmi Watch 3 Active is a purchase that is already very worthwhile for its recommended retail price of 49.99 euros. The most striking thing is that it is normal to find it even cheaper, so its purchase becomes unavoidable if you want to spend around 30-40 euros. For example, in AliExpress Plaza it usually drops below 35 euroswith free and fast shipping from Spain.

This smartwatch is usually among the best sellers in Amazonwhere it is usually found for about 43 euros. The same price has in the official Xiaomi storewhile in PcComponentes around 45 euros. In short, you have many options to buy a Redmi Watch 3 Active of which we tell you everything you need to know next.

Redmi watch 3 active

Redmi watch 3 active

Why the Redmi Watch 3 Active is worth buying

Although its price is around 30-40 euros, this Redmi Watch 3 Active hides many surprises that make its purchase a success. The first of them is that it has a well-built design that also looks very pretty when you wear it on your wrist. It doesn’t matter if you choose the gray version or the black one, both have their particular beauty. The Redmi Watch 3 Active also convinces with its comfort and, as has water resistanceYou won’t need to take it off all day.

The screen of this smartwatch has enough quality for you to see its images perfectly. It’s about a 1.83 inch LCD panel with resolution of 240×280 pixels and brightness of up to 450 nits. It is a touch screen, although you can also use the button on the side to interact with the watch. In addition, you will have at your disposal over 200 different watch faces to customize this screen.

All the functions of the Redmi Watch 3 Active will be available when you connect it to your mobile via Bluetooth. You will thus access one of the most advanced tools, that of phone calls via Bluetooth. This will allow you to send and receive calls even if you don’t have your phone next to you, making it a tremendously useful function. On the other hand, with the watch you can also read notificationsSkip to the song you are listening to and view the weather information.

There are other things this smartwatch takes care of when you wear it on your wrist. On the one hand, keep track of your physical activity. In addition to counting the steps you take throughout the day, it also has more than 100 different sports modes. On the other hand also analyze your heart rateyour blood oxygen level and even your sleep patterns.

Redmi watch 3 active

Now, how long does the 289 mAh battery last when using these tools? If you use the smartwatch to its maximum, with all functions enabled, it is normal that autonomy is about 8 days. If your use is less demanding, for example, because you do not do much sport, the autonomy may grow up to 12 days. In both cases, you can use the smartwatch for more than a week without the charger.

You see that this Redmi Watch 3 Active has everything you need to offer you everything you need in daily use. The finishing touch is its price, which around 30-40 euros on AliExpress Plaza, in Amazon and in the official Xiaomi store. In none of them you will have to pay shipping, so take advantage and get one of the best cheap smart watches now.

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