EntertainmentBluey Season 4 Release Date

Bluey Season 4 Release Date


There was a time when parents of little kids had no choice but to wait for weekly episodes of their favorite shows to air on tv. Today however, a lot of those problems have been solved with the rise in streaming content. And Blueyon Disney+, is a perfect example.

With 141 episodes at your fingertips, you can watch as much or as little as you like, morning, noon and night.

Bluey has so proved popular with its young fans that when it originally aired on ABC Kids, it quickly became its most downloaded show in history. By May 2021, episodes from the first series had generated over 480 million plays.

So with all episodes now available to stream on Disney+, outside of the US, the big question is when will see Bluey Season 4??

What Is Bluey About?

An Australian animated series, the show follows Bluey, a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who is full of energy, curiosity and imagination.

Bluey lives with her father, Bandit, her mother Chilli and her little sister, Bingo. Together Bluey and Bingo go on adventures as part of their imaginative play.

Of course, Bluey and Bingo have plenty of friends with lots of other dog breeds featured including Chloe, a Dalmatian, Lucky, a golden Labrador, Honey, a beagle and Mackenzie, a Border Collie.

Over the course of three seasons, these lovable dogs have plenty of fun growing up in Australia. But more importantly, there’s a real focus on family, learning from mistakes, being adventurous and being kind to one another.

Bluey Season 4 Release Date

With three seasons already in the bag, fans are still waiting for news about Bluey season 4.

So here’s the current situation. Seasons 1 and 2 were each split in half and aired six months apart. Bluey season 3 has followed a slightly different format.

So far, we got 26 episodes as normal in September 2021. Then, instead of getting the other 26 in June 2022, we only got 11. And that means there are still 15 episodes of Bluey season 3 to come in 2023.

To date, there has been no confirmation as to when that will be, but Disney+ has confirmed that we will see them this year.

When it comes to Bluey Season 4, that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Given the huge audience that Bluey attracts, it won’t be a surprise if ABC, BBC and Disney renew the show. They just have to get to the end of the third season first!

Where To Watch Bluey

Bluey is a preschool animated tv series that premiered on ABC Kids, in Australia, in October 2018.

A joint venture between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC holds global distribution rights.

The series then aired on Disney Junior in the United States before being released internationally on Disney+.

So unless you have ABC Kids or the BBC (CBeebies), you will have to watch Bluey on Disney+. You will need a subscription, which you can get by signing up here.

Once you have that you and your little ones can fill your boots with all 141 episodes of Bluey what are now available.

Who Voices Bluey And Bingo?

Fans of Bluey will be more than familiar with all of the characters. But who voices them?

Actually, nobody knows the names of the children who voice Bluey, Bingo and some of their friends. And the reason is very sensitive.

They are voiced by children of the production crew and the kids aren’t credited on the show so their identities can be kept secret to shield them from the public eye.

We do know that David McCormack voices Bandit Heeler, the dad and Melanie Zanetti voices Chilli Heeler the mum.

How Old Are Bluey And Bingo And Where Do They Live?

The show was created by Joe Brumm and was designed to reflect his life growing up and his experiences of being a father to two little girls.

When he created the show, his daughters were aged between four and six and that how old Bluey and Bingo are.

Brumm had a Blue Heeler named Bluey growing up along with a Dalmatian named Chloe, so he decided to use those dogs and names for his show.

The series is created in Brisbane, Australia and is where the character’s adventures take place. Many of the show’s locations are based on places in Brisbane, including parks and shopping centres.


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