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Bonus second round of AppleCare settlement payments being sent out, here’s why

Back in 2022, Apple began sending customers payments after settling a long-running class action lawsuit over its AppleCare replacement devices. As it happens, the $95 million settlement isn’t done yet as a second round of payments is being sent now to impacted customers. Here are all the details.

As a refresher, here’s what the Apple Replacement Device Lawsuit, Maldonado, et al. v. Apple Inc. claimed which resulted in a $95 million settlement:

Customers said that providing refurbished devices as replacements was a violation of AppleCare terms, which state replacement devices are “new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.”

As is typical for a class action suit, Apple didn’t admit it was at fault but decided to settle for $95 million. That ended up being around $68 million for customers after attorneys’ fees – or roughly $14 per customer.

Bonus second AppleCare settlement payments

Interestingly, a decent portion of AppleCare customers who received a check from the lawsuit didn’t cash it on time. That meant the remaining settlement balance was split between those who cashed their first payout.

Today I got a second check for $26.18 – almost double the initial payment – with the following explanation:

You are receiving this check because you are a Class Member who cashed a check from the initial disbursement of the Settlement Fund. Because not all Class Members redeemed their initial payments, there is money left in the Settlement Fund that is now being distributed to Class Members who did redeem a payment from the initial disbursement.

The enclosed check is only valid until May 15, 2024. Please deposit promptly.

For more information about the settlement and answers to frequently asked questions, please call 1-888-490-0557 or visit ReplacementDeviceLawsuit.com.

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