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Brisk longer ride – BionicOldGuy

Today I was striving for a brisk ride in “zone 2” which is heart rate around 110-120 for me. I went up to South San Jose and back on my recumbent at an average hr of 112 so hit my target pretty well. It was unexpectedly raining (lightly) for about the first hour then cleared up on the way back. I posted the ride on Strava here. I also did a short ride in the afternoon to a doctor’s appointment on my upright e-bike which I use for utility purposes because it is easier to lock.

My only problem was a flat towards the end of my morning ride. I was able to limp home without fixing it because it was a slow leak, but I did have to stop to repump it four times. Unexpected upper body workout! I’ve had a lot of trouble with the front tire on my recumbent, it is less robust than the one on the rear (a Schwalbe “marathon plus” which has their highest puncture protection). So I ordered another marathon plus for the front when I got home. These have more rolling resistance which may slow me down a bit, but it’s amazing how little that starts to matter when you’ve experienced multiple punctures- reliability is more important than performance!

Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch, part of Santa Teresa park. I took a break here on my way back right after it cleared up.
The same spot on a sunnier day (march 4)
Also on March 4: From here you can also see the start of a steep trail into Santa Teresa park. I’ve never ridden it, but have gone on hikes that start here. That initial slope hits you without a proper warmup.

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