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but it’s streaming and it’s very funny

but it’s streaming and it’s very funny


It is a film that at the time was vilified by critics and the public.

The Dune of the 80s is considered the worst film of its director: but it is streaming and it is very fun

There are movies that are unforgettable and others that are better forgotten. However, in many cases the lower quality cinema It’s also incredibly enjoyable.. There are communities dedicated entirely to enjoying what is known as “tacky cinema.” On this occasion, we are not facing a film that meets those standards, since it also cost a fortune at the time. In addition, it has very interesting proposals. What happens is that at the time It was a real failure. and is not at all comparable with the modern revision of the classic of literature. So, let’s see how it was Dune 1984 directed by David Lynch.

A very interesting film

Duke Atreides travels to Arrakis to exploit the planet’s natural resources. However, it is all a plot by rival nobles, the Harkonnen, evil members of the nobility who They want to maintain power over Arrakis and put an end to his lifelong rivals once and for all. Thus, in this framework, a young Paul Atreides will have to be able to challenge everything that opposes his triumph.

Is about Duneyes, but not the one from 2021, but a film directed by David Lynch in 1984. The film was Incredibly vilified by critics and the public by ruling that it did not do justice to the book written by Frank Herbert.

David Lynch is a director with capital letters. He stands out for making exactly the cinema he wants to make, which sometimes earns him have difficulty obtaining financingbut the truth is that He has made dreamlike films of overwhelming quality as blue velvet oh Mulholland Drive. In addition, he is also the “culprit” of having devised one of the best fiction series in history twin peaksQuite disconcerting, but incredibly fun.

This is considered his worst film, since it was not really a film designed for him. There were dozens of projects behind it and the film was originally going to be something created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, his approach for the film was absolutely strange and he was going to count on none other than Salvador Dalí, the genius of surrealism born in Figueres, for this work. However, his approach was discarded and then names such as Ridley Scott were considered, who had just conquered critics (but not the public) with Blade Runner, considered today the best science fiction movie of his time.

However, it is a fun film, extremely eighties and with some script twists that They do not particularly respect the bookunlike Villeneuve’s work, which is quite faithful.

We have different ways of seeing this movie. One of them is through Tivify cataloga fairly unknown platform but one that has some interesting tapes.

View on Tivify

For its part, Amazon Prime Video also includes it in its catalogso we can see it on the most used streaming platform in our country if we have a subscription.

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

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