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can create water from air

With up to 30 liters per day, you could have the solution to droughts

A new invention could end water scarcity forever: it can create water from the air
This small instrument could generate a fairly large amount of water

Spain is a country that normally suffers from quite a few droughts. And it seems that in some regions of our country it resists rain. This, accompanied by a process of desertification and loss of forest masses, is causing the country is carrying out a gradual conversion in a rather arid place. Now that the world is looking for interesting options like water engines or the search for green hydrogen To meet our needs in the automotive world, we find that Our country needs water first of all to meet its primary needs.hence There is a device that could put an end to this type of shortage.

The end of water scarcity

A Tunisian company has launched the cumulus watera machine capable of producing water through the atmosphere, (AWG). Thus, we are faced with a completely independent machine of very small dimensions (one cubic meter) that allows us to obtain water through the atmosphere of our planet in a very simple way.

In addition, solar energy panels can be attached to it so that be totally autonomous and his way of creating water is through totally renewable energies. Something that is worthy of admiration and that allows a notable leap in quality compared to other AWG that produce a significant expense.

Depending on the humidity of the environment, these types of machines can create between 20 and 30 liters of water in a single day. A figure that could make this instrument serve as an alternative for all those who want to do without water bottles.

Its most interesting points are the following:

  • A group of researchers has created an invention to generate water through the atmosphere.
  • It is capable of producing between 20 and 30 liters of water per day.
  • It is a small robot, 1 cubic meter in size and works autonomously thanks to the solar energy packs attached to it.
  • This is a very interesting phenomenon, since it can be managed through the mobile phone.

The initiative has not emerged in Tunisia as something trivial. On the contrary, the North Africa is suffering from a powerful effect of desertification which has caused what were once fertile and workable lands to become a largest extension of the Sahara desert.

In the case of Spain, this process is also in force, and it is possible that before the end of the century, our country will have turned into a real desert. Therefore, this product is really useful and complies with all the requirements set by international organizations for marketing.

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