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Can Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series make calls?

Both the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic come in LTE models, similar to the other watches that proceeded them

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (left) vs. Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (right)

One of the benefits of a great smartwatch is the ability to make phone calls from your wrist. Paired with an Android phone, you can answer calls that come through on the phone itself. That’s also the case with the Samsung Galaxy Watch series. It comes in either Wi-Fi or LTE variants, and both can handle calls in different ways.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch series can make calls

Any of the modern Samsung Galaxy Watch series (Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Watch 4) can make calls. If you have a Wi-Fi version, you connect the watch through Bluetooth and answer or make calls that way. Simply open the Phone app on your watch, tap the keypad icon to dial a number, or tap the contacts icon to select a contact. Then, press the green phone icon to make a call. The phone will do all the heavy lifting, but your watch will act as a speaker. You can also do this at any time; just tap on the three dots and then Switch to phone.

On Samsung Galaxy Watches that support LTE, you can make phone calls without needing your physical phone. Just open the Phone app on your watch, and place the call. This is usually a benefit for those who might not want to carry around a phone with their watch, especially when doing physical outdoor activities like jogging, running, or hiking.

That’s just one of the benefits of having a smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 6 series is one of the latest options available, and you can check out our Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 hands-on for more impressions. Make sure to also protect your watch with a Galaxy Watch 6 case, and remember to invest in a Galaxy Watch 6 charger.

Galaxy Watch 6 in gray with no background

Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Galaxy Watch 6 is the latest and greatest from Samsung. It features Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, up to 40 hours of battery life, Wear OS 4, and a host of sensors to accurately record sleep, exercise, and more. 

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