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Can you put a stone in the ground? Meenu Sethurume… Deny the tax exemption for this… that too for a famous actor!..

Kollywood Movie: Tax exemption will be given if Tamil movie name is given in Tamil. But the bitterness that happened in it was too much. Kubir’s reason for not giving tax exemption to a famous actor’s film is also leaking now.

When the DMK government came to power in 2006, Kollywood films were released with English titles. It is the bridle they have put in place to prevent it. Name in Tamil will be tax exempt. Following this, the films that were titled in English at that time were renamed in Tamil.

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Rajinikanth’s Robot film was renamed as Enthiran. Jayam Ravi’s film Tunke and Mekum Something Something was changed to Tunke and Mekum. Even SJ Suriya’s BF film was changed to Anbe Aaruire. During those 5 years of artist rule, there were no Tamil films dubbed in other languages.

Subsequently, AIADMK came to power in 2011. Jayalalitha, who was then Chief Minister, brought a change in this rule. Just having a name in Tamil is not enough. Must have U certificate. There should be no violent scenes. He declared that there should be no obscene scenes. A committee was constituted to monitor this.

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But this announcement gave way to a lot of bribery scandal. The team received a lot of money from many producers and gave certificates. They refused to give certificates to those who did not like them. That’s how Udhayanidhi Stahl’s romantic film Kathirvelan was denied tax exemption. No pornography. No violent scenes. The film was also given a U certificate.

Later, when he asked why there was no tax exemption, in one scene, Udhayanidhi Stalin sat on the bank of the pond and threw a stone. The stone falls into the pool. Then how many fish will be inside. They reasoned that it would be dead with this stone. Famous screen critic Bismi has said in one of his interviews that this is the reason.

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