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Captain Miller who never forgets the captain!.. The exciting incident that happened at the pre-release event!..

After hearing the news of Captain Vijayakanth’s death, Dhanush did not attend his funeral and although Vijayakanth did many things for Dhanush’s family, Captain Miller held the pre-release program without seeing his grave or his family.

In response to all his trolls, Dhanush paid a 2-minute silent tribute to Captain Vijayakanth at the grand Captain Miller pre-release event at the Nehru Stadium.

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Actor Dhanush has nurtured many actors in cinema. Dhanush, who gave Vaathi last year, is releasing Captain Miller for Pongal this year. This film is made as a period film directed by Arun Matheswaran.

Sun TV is releasing all the photos of Dhanush sitting as a sema kheta with his sons at the pre-release event of the film. Recently, while the Ayalan pre-release event was held in a small venue at the Taj Hotel, the pre-release event of Dhanush’s Captain Miller was held at the Nehru Stadium on a grand scale.

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While the haters are screaming that Dhanush is holding the party by forgetting Vijayakanth, Dhanush has paid a silent tribute to Vijayakanth with the entire film crew and his fans saying how can I forget my captain.

Similarly, while Shivrajkumar is acting in this film, Dhanush also paid a silent tribute to his younger brother Puneeth Rajkumar’s death.

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