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Cat Pongal not Tiger Pongal!.. They are killing only one tiger picture!..

Pongal Movies: What are the most anticipated movies on TV during any festival? It is about what entertainment programs are broadcast. When there is no theater, OTT, internet facility, people are waiting for the TV show.

But today they enjoy watching their favorite shows on their phones and laptops as it used to be. Meanwhile, popular TV channel K TV airs many movies on Pongal.

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But all those films are films with tiger names. That is interesting. Are they planning to broadcast? I don’t know whether or not. It must be said that so far films of this type with the same name have not been aired in total.

The broadcast time of each film is also mentioned. Payum Puli starring Vishal and Kajal will be aired at 10 am. Next up at 1 PM is Puliwal starring Prachanna and Vimal.

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After that, at 4 pm, the movie Puli, starring Vijay and Hansika, will be telecast. After that, Sasikumar starrer Guttipuli will be telecasted at 7 pm. Finally at 10 pm Singam Puli starring Jeeva will also be aired.

So, no one is going to celebrate Mathu Pongal this year. They are celebrating Puli Pongal. But since the release of this news fans why this unwanted work? They are teasing that everything is unformed tigers.

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