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Central Europe’s most modern, high-tech smart prison is being built in Csenger

Several penal institutions have already expanded, and the new institution in Csengeri is also an important step.

The most modern prison in Hungary, and indeed in Central Europe, is being built in Csenger, the prison in the county area of ​​Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg will create around seven hundred jobs, and prison guards are being recruited. The high-tech smart prison with 1,500 beds will also have a video analysis and location determination system.

According to the data of the Ministry of the Interior, Hungary is one of the twenty safest countries in the world, since 2010 the number of prisoners has increased by five thousand and the number of crimes has decreased by 280 thousand annually.

The new criminal code is one of the strictest laws of its kind in Europe, which is why the courts send more criminals to prison for a longer period of time, so more capacity is needed, as a result, several prisons have already been expanded, and the new institution in Csengeri is also an important step.

So-called “smart prisons” have been built around the world since 2018 – although there are already digital elements in domestic prisons, in many cases such devices are used to communicate with relatives, interrogate, and manage affairs.

However, the Csengeri prison will have technology with which inmates can be fully controlled, and their behavior and facial expressions will be analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence. If they do not behave in the usual way, the system sends a signal to the supervisors that they should be prepared for some extraordinary event. This makes detention even safer, and minimizes the possibility of escape.

Every cell will have an “IT device”, so the convict can manage his affairs through a closed online channel, and can get up-to-date information about his data, money, the evaluation of his applications, and his work schedule. The goal is to be paperless, and digital administration will be implemented if possible.

The prison doors will work without a key and with a facial recognition system. In order to provide 100% employment for the inmates, there will also be a 2,000 square meter work hall.

The Csenger prison will be handed over on September 30. So far, more than 1,500 resumes have been sent to the recruiters, and 196 applicants have already been hired, and 172 are currently completing the 14-week preparatory course. Those interested are still welcome, you can apply at the recruitment office in Csenger or on the BVOP central recruitment page at gyereahuvosre.hu, where you can find the detailed conditions.

Based on the BVOP’s announcement, in Csenger, the expected district inspector’s salary from January will reach HUF 400,000 net per month, and the minimum requirement for applying is a vocational qualification. In addition to the salary, members of the professional staff can also receive a cafeteria, clothing allowance, performance allowance, subletting and other contributions. Those taking part in the training are entitled to a full salary from the first day of training.

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