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Chandrababu responded to the taunt!.. MS Viswanathan apologized…

Chandrababu is one of the most popular comedy actors in the film industry. He came into cinema after struggling. He dances skillfully. Good singer too. All the songs sung by him are super hits. Most of his songs contain philosophical ideas. Chandrababu has sung many songs composed by MS Viswanathan. Both were good friends. But before the two became friends, some incidents happened.

When Chandrababu did not get the chance to act in cinema, SN Subbiah asked Naidu for a chance to sing. Then MS Viswanathan was an assistant to Subpaiah. It is he who teaches the singers to sing by giving them mats and songs. Similarly he taught Chandrababu. But Chandrababu could not sing properly.

Subpaiah, who came there, asked, ‘What Viswanatha boy, how does he sing?’ When MSV asked me, ‘Brother, where are you singing?’, everyone there laughed. This is a shame for Chandrababu. In a few years after that, Chandrababu became famous by acting in cinema.



Chandrababu acted in MGR starrer Kulobakavali. There was a scene in the film where he acted. MSV composed the music for the film. When Chandrababu went to sing the song, MSV sang the song. Then Chandrababu turned his face to that side. Seeing this, MSV asked ‘Do you hear me singing?’ On hearing this, Chandrababu, who never forgot the fruit, said, ‘Oh, did you sing?.. I thought you spoke’. A few years before MSV realized this, he apologized to Chandrababu for speaking like that.

Since then the two have become good friends. It is noteworthy that Chandrababu sang many wonderful songs in the music of MSV.

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