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ChatGPT app installs and website usage down for the first time

New data suggest that interest in OpenAI’s golden goose ChatGPT has dropped for the first time since launching less than a year ago.

Fewer app installs

CNBC reported this week that analysts for Bank of America published a research note on the decline in ChatGPT adoption. According to the note, downloads in the US for ChatGPT’s iPhone app fell 38% in June compared to the prior month.

Microsoft Bing has similarly seen a decline in app installs among iPhone users. The search app previously surged to the top of the App Store after integrating access to ChatGPT. Sensor Power metrics are cited for both data points.

It’s the web, too

Does this mean that overall interest in ChatGPT is waning? A report in the Washington Post highlights that the drop doesn’t appear to be limited to gaining new app users. Citing data from Similarweb, the Post says “traffic to ChatGPT’s website worldwide fell 9.7 percent in June from the previous month” on both mobile and desktop.

9to5Mac’s Take

Are we looking at the beginning of the end for ChatGPT? Don’t bet on it. Generative AI is a fun demo for everyone, but it requires learning the right prompts to make it work for everyday use. We’re also leaving the honeymoon phase for ChatGPT, but it’s just the beginning for generative AI.

Ultimately, technology like ChatGPT belongs in existing apps and services as a feature. App installations and website hits won’t capture that type of adoption. Building the right parameters around ChatGPT and its competitors will turn generative AI into the foundation for features to come, however, and you’ll never need to know what ChatGPT and generative AI mean.


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