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Check out how actor Simbu – who released the latest clicks on the AK61 building – looks like

Simbu is a leading actor who has made his debut as a successor actor in Tamil cinema and has earned a place for himself. His performance in the film Conference was finally released.

This gave him great success in Kollywood cinema. Following this, he is currently busy acting in Gautham Vasudev Menon directed film ‘Vendu Thanindathu Kaadu’.

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However, Simbu Ajith, who is interested in social media, has posted a photo of himself looking like he is in an AK61 building. Also, Simbu fans are shocked to see his swag and style which is Ajith’s style.

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Currently, he is wearing a black jacket, black T-shirt and don pants in the photo he posted. It is also worth noting that as Simbu looks cool in his new incarnation, his fans are commenting and viralizing this photo.



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