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Chepauk: “Are you all here to watch the match?”- Police fail to respect disabled people

The sale of tickets for the IPL match between Chennai and Punjab at Chepakkam Stadium in Chennai started yesterday. PWDs had to face great difficulty during the sale of these tickets.


On the 30th, the league match between Chennai and Punjab teams will be held at Chepauk Stadium. Ticket sales for this had started at 9:30 am yesterday. Tickets worth Rs 1500 were issued at the counter at Victoria Hostel Road near Chepauk Railway Station. Tickets worth Rs 2000 and Rs 2500 were issued at the counter near Pattabraman Gate on Walaja Road. Before this match, three matches were played at the Chepauk stadium. Many people complained that there were many inconveniences and problems during the sale of tickets for these three matches. One complaint was that there was no separate queue for women. We ourselves had announced about this during the ticket sale of the last match. Following this, during yesterday’s ticket sale, a separate queue for women was seen at the ticket counters for Rs 2000 and Rs 2500.

However, it does not appear that there was a separate queue for women at the Rs 1500 ticket counter. I could also see that the only row was very narrow and cramped. This caused great discomfort to women. People with disabilities faced even more difficulties than women. In that 1500 rupees counter, there is no separate counter for disabled persons. But some people with disabilities came eagerly to buy tickets. But those who came faced such difficulties that they should not have come at all. “Buy us some tickets!” People with disabilities were begging the police.

People with disabilities waiting to buy tickets in Chepak

The police scolded the differently-abled people with harsh words like ‘Are you all fit to watch the match?’ ‘Be patient and stand aside. After a few people have left, we will send similar ones separately,’ they made them stand aside.

As mentioned, some people were sent through a separate route, but it was not conducted properly. Those who sent some people. Some were never sent. A disabled woman stood behind the wire mesh placed in front of the counter and begged a policeman for a long time to give money and get a ticket from the counter. He said to some of the disabled people who had got tickets and left, ‘I will come and see my mother… You are not the only one who will come to watch the match. They sent it in a threatening tone.

The way disabled people were treated there was a source of outrage. The actions of the police were designed to make fun of their self-esteem. ‘You are lying down, sir. They are asking if you all came to watch the match.

Shouldn’t we all come to watch the match? A disabled person, who did not want to be named, told us his concern. After facing so many difficulties and got the ticket

‘Sir, I will come for Dhoni. I came for the last 3 matches. I will also come for the next 3 matches. Dhoni fan from long ago sir. It’s the last season with Dhoni, so I want to watch all the matches.’

Said the disabled person.

As for the Chepakkam ground, there is a section reserved for the differently abled in the ‘I’ gallery. Having such a system inside the stadium and not even having a separate line for disabled people outside was a big disappointment. Further,

Udayanidhi Stalin

This Chepakkam constituency is the constituency of Tamil Nadu Sports Minister Udayanidhi Stalin. Moreover, Minister Ponmudi’s son Ashok Chikamani is the president of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. Their demand was that the concerned persons should face the difficulties faced by the differently abled persons and protect the self-esteem of the differently abled persons so that the problem does not arise next time.


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