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China accelerates tests with 6G and already reaches speeds of 100 Gbps

6G technology will not arrive until 2030, but in China they are already carrying out tests that make its potential clear.

China accelerates tests with 6G and already reaches speeds of 100 Gbps
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With the 5G technology Still making its way through most of the world’s countries, the technology industry is already moving forward in search of the next big leap in wireless connectivity. From China arrive the first tests carried out using data transmissions wirelessly through frequencies at the THz (terahertz) level, which has allowed researchers to reach, for the first time, speeds of up to 100 Gbps.

The tests have been carried out as part of a series of tests by the 25th Institute of the Second China Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry. The researchers decided to test the frequencies per THzwhich represent great improvements in terms of bandwidth and transfer speed, and which promises to be one of the greatest innovations associated with 6G technology, which probably will not arrive until the end of this decade.

THz wireless transmissions will offer a similar experience to fiber optic transfers

The aforementioned Institute has revealed the results of its tests just a week after the White House met with the goal of discuss the next generation of wireless connectivity technologieswith the 6G as the main protagonist.

China seems to have some advantage in this regard, since in the tests it has managed to achieve download speeds that can reach 100 Gbpstaking advantage of the higher bandwidth of the terahertz frequency levels.

Compared with 5G technology, whose download speeds hardly exceed 500 Mbps in realistic environments, the improvement is more than clear. However, it’s not all good news.

From China they have found some problems reminiscent of inconvenience that were already encountered during the first months of 5G life, including the inability of signals to cover long distances and the difficulty when crossing obstacles.

Everything seems to indicate that 5G deployment will not begin to take shape until at least 2030 (although from Korea they have some plans to speed up the process), and the implementation process of 5G networks throughout the world does not make us especially optimistic about the rapid standardization of this new technology.


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