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China is concerned about security on the Moon, that’s why it wants to fill it with cameras

The country has firm plans to establish a lunar base very soon

China is concerned about security on the Moon, that's why it wants to fill it with cameras
This is a peculiar bet on the part of the Asian Giant

China is one of the surveillance giants on planet Earth. Now that their ambitions have rested on our satellite, in which They have discovered a new mineral and in which they are planning create a permanent base using the firing of a missile on its surfaceEverything indicates that they want to establish a very similar system on the satellite to guarantee its security. They still have to finalize some plans before reaching the Moon, such as its railway cannon for orbital launchesbut it seems that things are going really well.

At least according to the South China Morning Post which has cataloged these measures as a SkyNet 2.0. This is the camera surveillance project that the Chinese Government has implemented in its country, so they would like to do something very similar in the stable bases on the Moon.

Objective, keep the Moon tracked

China is planning to install a surveillance system on the Moon to protect its heavy investments in satellite. Thus, its objective is to create a system that has the future Chinese lunar base protected and monitored 24 hours a day. It is a design that wants to monitor any foreign visitors to set foot on their base, not for their own cosmonauts. In fact, the previously mentioned Chinese media assures that it is for give appropriate response measures against the behaviors they adopt at the base.

China is the country most monitored by cameras in the world. In principle, it has installed 600 million surveillance cameras that cover every corner of the gigantic country. This model, known as Tianwang in Chinese (Skynet in the rest of the world) is designed for its international lunar base and would already be planning how to make it real by the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center of the China National Space Administration (CNSA)

The cameras, weighing not much more than 100 grams, will be coordinated by an AI that will be able to identify and target suspicious targets independently. That is, they will trust the AI ​​to try to detect abnormal behavior in those foreign cosmonauts who set foot on the lunar research base.

They will be able to take distant and wide-angle views in addition to being capable of operating independently in case there is a loss of connection with Earth for whatever reason.

China’s international permanent lunar base is in early stages of development so it is not known whether this will finally be adopted or not. In any case, it is planned to have a radius of about 6 kilometers and to be the most ambitious lunar development field that will exist. They even plan to have a large fleet of robots to allow them to assist humans during their jobs. scientific research.

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