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China’s top chip maker YMTC gets $7 billion government infusion to boost speed

China’s top chip maker YMTC gets $7 billion government infusion to boost speed


China is doing everything to boost the semiconductor industry, it is no wonder that the leading chip technology company, Yangtze Memory Technologies, is receiving significant government support.

The US and its allies are working to cut China off from advanced semiconductor technology. According to some sources, this has pushed the country’s chip industry to the brink of collapse. In response, China pledged a $143 billion investment package to help make its semiconductor industry more self-sufficient.

The South China Morning Post according to state-backed investors invested $7.1 billion (49 billion yuan) in the company. This brought the company’s registered capital to more than 105 billion yuan.

Interestingly, high-performance computing, quantum computing, and advanced integrated circuit design and manufacturing are three of the seven areas where the US still has a technological advantage over China, out of a total of 44 areas. China is clearly willing to spend the necessary money to make this difference, I noted WebProNews.

The company was hit hard by export controls imposed by the US Department of Commerce on chip-making machinery in October, which aim to limit Chinese logic chip production at the 14-nanometer node process and DRAM and NAND flash at 18nm and 128-layers, respectively. .

By adding YMTC to a trade blacklist in December, Washington further limited the company’s access to US-origin technology. From October to February, YMTC could cut up to 70 percent of its orders from Naura Technology, one of China’s leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers, SCMP reported last month. And this reflects obvious difficulties with the company’s expansion plans. In January, the company said it could lay off up to 10 percent of its nearly 6,000 staff.

Despite the difficulties, YMTC overtook industry leaders Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and Micron Technology last year to launch an advanced version of NAND Flash, according to TechInsights, a Canadian chip and microelectronics information provider. NAND Flash is a “non-volatile” storage technology that retains data even without power, making it ideal for many electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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