Technology NewsClimate change is already threatening our data

Climate change is already threatening our data


Dealing with the climate crisis is a serious headache for digital companies.

We already wrote about it before extreme heat waves have increased alarmingly number, and the situation is already so serious that in some places, like hurricanes they also give a name to weather phenomena that bring serious heat. The heat causes serious problems, a the silent killer of climate change it is also called as it causes the death of approximately five hundred thousand people every year.

However, extreme weather is not only a problem for living beings, writes the Gizmodo. The heat waves, which cause more and more heat and last longer, are already causing problems in the operation of Internet data centers. In July, the data centers of Google and Oracle in London had to be shut down when the heat record in the island country was broken, the mercury in the thermometer rose above 40 degrees. Because of this, the cooling systems of the data centers were no longer able to perform their task and could not serve the users of the data center. Among other things, there are a lot of eliminations WordPress based website also affected its operation.

The longer and longer heat waves threaten the operation of data centers (Photo: Unsplash/Taylor Vick)
The longer and longer heat waves threaten the operation of data centers (Photo: Unsplash/Taylor Vick)

Not yet at Twitter in September Elon Musk’s run amok caused trouble, but the loss of the company’s data center in Sacramento, due to the heat wave raging in California. Carrie Fernandez, the company’s former vice president, called the case unprecedented, during which the entire physical infrastructure had to be shut down due to the heat.

And online companies are apparently not prepared for this increasingly common global phenomenon. Peter Zatko, Twitter’s former security chief, revealed in August that the operation of the social network is on shaky ground, since it is practically not possible to replace the data centers if one of them were to fail. At the time, the specialist predicted that Twitter’s data center servers could be down for weeks, months or even forever due to heat waves. And since Elon Musk bought the company and has been firing former employees more and more, Twitter’s operation has become even more risky.

The operators of the centers are not sufficiently prepared to deal with heat waves (Photo: Unsplash/Jordan Harrison)
The operators of the centers are not sufficiently prepared to deal with heat waves (Photo: Unsplash/Jordan Harrison)

Steve Wright, managing director of 4D Data Centers, pointed out that it would be important for data center operators to acquire backup generators to ensure operation in the event of a similar shutdown. In addition, it is important to monitor temperature and humidity in data centers – this can extend the life of hardware even regardless of heat waves. The specialist also mentioned the example of Microsoft: the software company in Redmond is experimenting with underwater data centers, where the cooling of the machines is solved with the help of seawater.

Refrigeration systems require a large amount of energy to operate, which is an additional challenge due to rising energy prices. The solution here would be renewables, of course, together with the appropriate energy storage solution – for example with the help of one or more Tesla Megapacks.

However, this would only be a symptomatic treatment, which instead requires long-term, strategic solutions. This could be the case, for example, with the installation of liquid-cooled IT systems, as this would require the use of significantly less energy, with the same or greater efficiency. According to another approach, the servers should not operate 24 hours a day, it would be enough to turn them on when they are needed – in this, by the way, the so-called information accumulators deployment can also help, which also enables the utilization of renewable energy.

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