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Cody only knows how to roll! Yosinga Nayan – a film crew that sympathizes with our situation

Actress Nayanthara: Actress Nayanthara has been in Tamil cinema for almost 20 years. Nayanthara, who is crawling as a lady superstar, is now mixing it up in Bollywood as well. He impressed the fans with his stylish performance in the recently released movie Jaawan.

With this, Nayanthara is seen as an indispensable actress in Bollywood as well. She made her debut with the film Nayan Aiya, who is a leading actress in both Tamil and Telugu languages. She paired up with Rajini in the second film itself.

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Nayan, who has become an indispensable actress in many good films, has today become a lady superstar and the highest paid actress among South Indian actresses. Nayan is currently acting in the movie Annapoorani.

After Raja Rani, Jai, Nayan and Sathyaraj are in the making of Annapoorani. In this situation, while shooting, suddenly Nayanthara says that I have to go home at four o’clock and take care of my children.

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This also seems to cause loss on the producer side. It is said that the film crew is lamenting that they should also think about the situation of Nayan producers who only say that they want crores of salary.

Ram Nayan has followed this trend in all his movies lately. Next came a news that Mani Ratnam will be acting in the film. But they are also saying how Mani Ratnam will agree to this.

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