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compact high-end for 350 euros less

It has been on the market for more than a year, but the Samsung Galaxy S23 is still excellent for its great power, high-quality screen and cameras

Why the Samsung Galaxy S23 is still a great purchase in 2024: compact high-end for 350 euros less
The Samsung Galaxy S23 continues to be an excellent purchase due to its quality in all sections / Photography by Rubén Ulloa

If you like enjoy all the quality of a high end mobilebut you are not willing to spend a lot money, our usual recommendation is to look at models that have been on the market for a while. This is the reason why the Samsung Galaxy S23 is still a great buy in 2024because it still offers a great experience, but now it is possible for up to 350 euros less than when it came on the market.

In the analysis of this Samsung Galaxy S23 we check that your compact design It makes it a very comfortable smartphone to use. Your purchase is also very successful for the power it displays your processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Generation 2because of how tremendously good its screen looks and because of its versatile and advanced camera system. In addition, the terminal meets good marks in terms of autonomy.

The summary is that the Samsung Galaxy S23 continues to offer an experience worthy of the high-end, with the advantage that it is now much cheaper. The recommended retail price of the 256 GB memory model is 1,019 eurosbut in stores like Amazon, PC components and Media Markt the normal thing is to find it currently around 670 euros. Therefore, you can enjoy all the quality of this high-end compact with a discount of up to 350 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Why the Samsung Galaxy S23 is still a great buy

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is mainly characterized by being a compact high-end mobile. What does this mean? Which is a tiny mobile phone, at least smaller than normal in the current market. Ride one only 6.1 inch screen which, added to the thickness of 7.6 millimeters and the weight 168 gramsIt makes it a very comfortable phone to use and to always carry with you. Also, it’s okay protected against water and dust.

The reduced size does not prevent the screen from offering a excellent quality of images. We go deeper into it to tell you that it has technology AMOLEDa resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixelssoda of up to 120 hertz and a brightness that reaches 1,750 nits. Without a doubt, watching multimedia content with the Galaxy S23 is a delight thanks to the outstanding quality of a panel that also houses the fingerprint reader.

We could also say about the Samsung Galaxy S23 that it is small, but powerful. The fault is Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processorthat has so much power that it can fluidly move any application. Therefore, rest assured that you can also use your mobile to play the most demanding titles. As for the operating system, it has already updated to Android 14 under One UI 6, with 3 more Android updates ahead.

This high-end Samsung is also a phone with which you can immortalize your memories in the form of photographs and videos of the best quality. They are responsible for this 50 MP main cameraa 12 MP ultra wide angle and a 10 MP telephoto on the back, and a 12 MP lens on the front. In short, the Samsung Galaxy S23 can boast of having a versatile and very advanced photographic system.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Although it is a compact phone, the Galaxy S23 performs well in terms of autonomy. The 3,900 mAh battery It allows easily get to the end of the day With a single charge, you’ll only need to plug it into the charger at night. Supports 25W fast charging and wireless charging 15W, with the charger included if you buy it in stores like Amazon and PcComponentes.

All these are the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S23 still an excellent choice in 2024especially if you don’t want to spend 1,000 euros on a high-end one. Remember that you can buy it for around 670 euros in Amazon, in PcComponentes and and MediaMarkt. If you prefer a current phone, you always have the option of getting the Samsung Galaxy S24, available in various memory configurations in the official Samsung store.

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