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Congratulations to Adi-Nikki Kalrani couple who released good news for the fans ..!

Actor Adi is one of the most important emerging actors in Tamil. The beast made his debut as a protagonist through the film. Following the film, Iram became a popular actor, starring in films including Aravan.

He also starred in the critically acclaimed 2017 film Emerald Coin, which starred actress Nikki Kalrani opposite him.

Also Nikki Caulfield has starred in many movies. Actor Adi and actress Nikki Kalrani’s engagement ended last month amid reports that Adi and Nikki Kalrani were in love.

The couple, who have been in love for many years, have officially announced their engagement. Also, their engagement photos went viral on social media.

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Following this, fans began to question when their wedding would take place.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Nikki Kalrani-Adi wedding will take place on May 18. Knowing this, the fans have been expressing their congratulations.

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