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Cornered or not: Apple says USB-C port on iPhone is happening


The European Commission has recently passed the standardization of USB-C into law. Apple, as one of the biggest companies to be affected, finally confirmed that they will be complying with the approved regularization. Possibly, we could see the first USB-C iPhone as early as next year.


  • Apple confirmed that they will transition to USB-C on iPhones.
  • It is rumored that Apple is already testing the iPhone 15 with USB-C.
  • EU’s law will take effect at the end of 2024.

During an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s marketing executive Greg Joswiak said that the Cupertino company will be complying with the EU’s new law. In this case, the company will transition to the USB-C port in all its devices, particularly on the iPhones that are still stuck with the Lightning port.

Despite heeding the new local regulation, Joswiak also discussed that Apple is not fully convinced with the initiative. He pointed out how the EU also tried to force them to use the micro-USB port before, but they eventually saw the drawbacks of the old port compared to Lightning. Confusingly, they haven’t revealed the reason for the remaining disagreement they have with USB-C.

Apple iPhone 15 with USB-C

Apple’s exec didn’t exactly specify when we could see the first iPhone with USB-C. But based on previous reports by prolific leakers, Apple is already testing a version of iPhone 15 with a Type-C port. We do not have details yet that could suggest if all iPhone 15 models across the globe will entirely support it.

Likewise, Apple’s iPad 10 (2022) became the last iPad to ditch the custom Lightning port. It only increases the chances of iPhone 15 and other lightning-ready devices to make way for USB-C. More importantly, the EU’s planned implementation will not happen until the end of 2024, but it’s still up to the remaining manufacturers if they should adopt it earlier.

With Apple being cornered, do you think that they will prioritize improving wireless technologies on iPhone? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter.


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