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Corsair K55 Core analysis: review with features

The new Corsair keyboard leaves incredible sensations thanks to its use and customization

Corsair K55 Core analysis: a real beast in its range
One of the best membrane keyboards

Corsair is a gaming brand that has been demonstrating its good work in the world of peripherals for years. Normally, we find that stand out in various aspects and we have gotten our hands on many of them with very good results. The best example is the review of the Corsair K65 Mini Probut outside the world of keyboards we have also been able to test their gaming chairs.

Now, we have had the opportunity to test the Corsair K55 Corea keyboard that attracts quite a bit of attention and whose impressions have left us with a good taste in our mouths. So, Let’s see the pros and cons:

+ Advantages

  • Includes independent multimedia buttons
  • Customizable system
  • Simple, beautiful and economical
  • Multimedia keys
  • Wet resistant

– Cons

  • The “legs” could be more adjustable
  • Plastic construction

Corsair K55 Core technical sheet

The technical specifications of the Corsair K55 Core are as follows.

Corsair K55 RGB Core
Dimensions and weight 451.35×141.15x35mm
752 grams
Form factor Extensive
Distribution ISO in Spanish
Switches Membrane
Useful life 150 million keystrokes
Backlight RGB
Anti-ghost Yes, 12 key rollover
Sampling Rate 5G
Patient 1,000 Hz
Connection cable USB-A
Software iCue Corsair
Compatible with Windows, macOS and PlayStation

But since things change a lot from paper to experience, we are going to take a look at where to buy it and later we will analyze it in depth.

Where to buy the Corsair K55 Core

He Corsair K55 core It is a fairly accessible keyboard and we can find it in several stores. We can find it in the official Corsair store for 49.99 euros recommended retail price for which we will generally find this terminal.

We can also do it find on Amazon more or less at the same price, although sometimes it is a few euros cheaper or more expensive.

Corsair K55 core

Finally, we can find it at PcComponentes, at prices very similar to those found on other retail platforms.

Corsair K55 core

That being said, let’s take a look at the analysis of the materials and construction that has been used to make this keyboard.

Design, materials and construction

the K55 Core box

The “packaging” of the Corsair K55 Core

The first thing that catches your attention about the Corsair K55 Core is its packaging. It is something that I quite like but that is often not given the importance it should be. When I opened the package in which the box came, I found what you see in the image: a rectangular box, with a simple but very pretty design, with yellow finishes and black details that always remain. really good. Although what really matters to us is inside.

When we open it, we find the keyboard, a quite sober black device with a very striking style. It is a keyboard built primarily of plastic, with a sober and quite robust style. It doesn’t weigh like some keyboards made of metal, but it’s still being quite robust both its weight and feel, so we are not going to accidentally move it while we are playing. As for the design, it is a keyboard with an extensive design, that is, it does not dispense with any keys and even adds some of its own as we will see in its user experience section.

The touch of the keys is comfortable, they are made of plastic and although they are membrane they sound quite good.

The Corsair logo on the back of the keyboard

The Corsair logo on the back of the keyboard

The bottom part also has a very nice design. It has the Corsair logo and some holes that also light up so that the light comes out through them and bathes the surface on which the keyboard is, thus decorating the desk. In the upper corners there are legs to raise the keyboard and make it more ergonomic. It does not have different levels, but rather shows the closing and opening position. In this sense, perhaps it would have been nice if it were scalable, but the truth is that it still adapts and is quite comfortable to use.

the corsair's paw

The legs of the Corsair K55 do not have multiple levels

Finally, the cable is a standard USB type, it does not come braided or coated. Something that, in reality, is not a big problem if we have it on the usual surfaces on which we usually put this type of keyboard we will not find no problem.

the corsair k55 RGB cable

The Corsair K55 Core includes a cable with a standard USB port

That said, we are going to take a good look at the user experience that the Corsair K55 core offers us, since it is a keyboard that shines precisely at this point.

Usage experience

The feel of this keyboard is very comfortable and allows us to write quite lightly. The resistance of the keys is not enormous and I personally find their sound pleasant. Thus, it offers a very good performance within its rangesince we are looking at one of the most economical keyboards from Corsair. It is not so sensitive that you can accidentally write something, but it also includes 12-key rollover technology to avoid accidents when playing or writing for long days.

Otherwise, it works quite well, the space bar and the enter key are the most unstable, but they work perfectly.

corsair k55 multimedia mode

The Corsair K55 Core has a multimedia system

One of the most interesting points of all this is found in the point of multimedia buttons. Lately keyboards choose to have a function key so that the F’s on our keyboard allow us access multimedia functions. We are looking at an extensive keyboard, so this makes no sense and they have chosen, in a very positive way in my opinion, to add their own keys in a kind of roulette wheel of functionality that I love. In addition, it also has two keys to regulate the brightness and lock the keyboard.

One detail to keep in mind is that the keyboard can resist liquids. Up to 300ml, that is, a capacity similar to a glass of water. It is interesting since it offers durability that other keyboards do not have. And let’s not fool ourselves, the fact that our keyboard gets wet It is more than possible. Furthermore, this shows a certain care when creating a keyboard which aspires to be a bestseller for its price range.

If there is anything notable about the user experience, it is in the software you used, the Corsair iCUE, so let’s take a look at it to see why it is so interesting.

Corsair iCUE: the winning software

Corsair keyboards are extremely configurable and include software that I personally find perfect. Corsair iCUE is possibly one of the best software that we can find in the gaming market and it is thanks to the fact that Includes what is necessary, no more, no less. Some gaming software suites come with too many features and sometimes it is easy to get lost among the configuration options that we often do not use.

Corsair iCUE software

Corsair relies on its own software to customize its products

The use of Corsair iCUE is perfectly adapted to each component we use. In this case, for the K55 Core RGB the use we can give it is precisely lighting. It allows us endless features to customize the lighting of our keyboard so that it is a user and customization experience adapted to us. In this sense, we miss some more options, but it is understandable that their the rgb system It more than meets the price of the keyboard and in general it is very good.

The Corsair K55 keyboard includes Corsair iCUE software

Customizing the keys will allow us to adapt the keyboard to us

In general, I think it is a very positive aspect and to a large extent Corsair bothers to keep it very careful. Therefore, it seems to me to be a strong point for all those who are hesitating about which keyboard to choose. At the end of the day, we are faced with a device that will allow you to tinker with it and customize it in an instant. price range in which it is not the most common.

Furthermore, we can do without always-on software since the keyboard has memory to load five profileswhich will allow us to use it comfortably in other terminals, such as, for example, the PlayStation 5 with which this keyboard is compatible.

The Corsair K55 Core

The Corsair K55 is quite comfortable to use

Alternatives to the Corsair K55 Core

The Corsair K55 Core is a really good keyboard and has features that I loved. Within its price range, there is practically no rival, but it is always a good idea contrast it with other keyboards in its range to observe the range in which this keyboard is moving.

First of all, highlight that your main rival is also Corsair. We refer to his brother within the range, the Corsair K55 Proa somewhat more refined and slightly more expensive terminal that could offer some users a little more savings to get a terminal with more functions and more accessories. In this case, it includes armrests, macro keys and dynamic backlighting.

Corsair K55 Pro

Another alternative would be the Razer Ornata V3a keyboard very similar in construction and shapes to the Corsair. In addition, it operates in a fairly similar price range.

Razer Ornata V3


Corsair has surprised me again, this time with a device that is focused on the most accessible range of its products. Thus, the brand brings the always quality at a truly reasonable price that will allow us to enjoy gaming without having to invest a large amount of money in peripherals. So, I think this Corsair K55 Core RGB It has practically no rival in its range and the truth is that I liked it a lot in all aspects. I highlight its good level of lighting, its Corsair iCUE software and ergonomics that will allow us to spend hours playing our favorite games without problems.

Therefore, the Corsair K55 Core is a keyboard totally recommended for those looking for a keyboard that costs between 40 and 50 euros.

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