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Could this be what the all-new 32-inch iMac Pro looks like?

Could this be what the all-new 32-inch iMac Pro looks like?

Apple recently refreshed the iMac with a fancy new M1 processor and a design that’s certainly divided opinion. But while the large 27-inch display is cool and that Apple silicon is fast, there’s still room for … more. There’s still room for an iMac Pro, and this concept imagines what that could look like.

Created and shared to Twitter by Apple Tomorrow, the concept imagines an iMac Pro that’s heavily inspired by the new iMac refresh, including that chin. The device itself is colored in Space Gray because of course it is, and the overall aesthetic is one that just screams “expensive” — just as any Pro Mac should.

The concept creator imagines the iMac Pro to ship with a new Apple M1X processor with 32 GPU cores and 16 CPU cores, specifications that would surely make this a speedy proposition no matter what your workflow might be. The large 32-inch display would dwarf that of the standard iMac while few could argue that Space Gray is the color all Macs should be. Just look at it!

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In terms of connectivity, the concept imagines an SD card slot, four Thunderbolt ports, and two USB-A ports. Ethernet and headphone ports would also be present because we all need legacy connectors from time to time!

Of course, all of this will likely come at a hefty price and most people won’t need what an iMac Pro will likely offer. The new M1 iMac is the sweet spot for most and it’s likely to be considerably cheaper, too. Especially if you pick one up after checking out the best iMac deals we could find, too.

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