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Craft Conference: 2,000 participants from all over the world are expected in Budapest for Central Europe’s largest software development festival

Artificial intelligence has also invaded the development profession, the question is, where will humans have a place?

Today, it has grown into the region’s largest international professional festival dealing with software development and technological trends Craft Conferencewhich the CraftHub organized by the Hungarian team. The event will be hosted again this year by the Budapest Railway History Park. The organizers expect around 2,000 participants for the festival, that is valuable knowledge and the big guns of Apple, Microsoft, Spotify and Tesla, among others, bring it. The event provides outstanding value to domestic tech companies in terms of labor supply recruitment, as the festival-related CraftHack 200 young, even career-starting technology professionals will participate in the hacker marathon, who can be approached with a specific job offer.

On May 18-19, the deservedly popular Craft Conference tech festival will be held again, which now traditionally awaits professionals who want to learn about the most important global trends, whether as a developer, project manager or even as a leader working in the technology field, in the Railway History Park in Budapest. they would expand their professional network with contacts. The goal of the organizer CraftHub, in addition to community building, is for the program to cover all aspects of software development from as many sides as possible. “This year, in addition to the hottest global topic, AI and machine learning, the focus will be on the Platform Engineering and Team Topologies methodology, i.e. the solutions that support effective teamwork. Several presentations will also deal with cloud-based developments and how to build Cloud applications safely,” says Gergely Hodicska, co-founder of the organizer CraftHub. It will be possible to follow the conference online, but those who want to participate in person should do so as soon as possible tickets redeem.

Tesla, Meta, Microsoft: fresh solutions from the biggest tech companies

The program places great emphasis on the basics – effective architecture design, basic coding skills with practical tips – but at the same time, recognized international experts also touch on areas that can turn the developers’ careers in a different direction or stimulate the participating managers to exploit new business opportunities. . Colin Breck in his presentation, he will talk about how Tesla is able to manage the large amount of data that travels between the vehicles and the central servers, and what role WebAssembly technology plays in this. Manuel Paisone of the creators of the aforementioned Team Topologies framework, shows exactly how the methodology helps organizations optimize collaboration and communication between teams.

The audience can also hear about how to approach the construction of microservices-based systems (Sam Newman), but world-renowned organizational development specialists such as Joseph Pelrine agile psychologist and Linda Rising consultant who lectures on the topic of change management. Self-development will be at the center of the Craft Conference program again this year: a series of workshops composed of the most diverse topics will give applicants the opportunity to get to know each area related to development in more depth. Patrick Kua the world-renowned Tech Lead coach’s master class will talk about what knowledge, tools and approach are needed in order for a leader to be able to deliver outstanding performance and help his team in a meaningful way, Adam Thornhill and approaches coding in a very unique way, as a kind of crime scene investigation.

You can launch amazing careers at the CraftHack hackathon!

This year, for the first time, the highly successful CraftHack hackathon will be held simultaneously with the conference and at the same location, so coders who are mostly beginning their careers will have the opportunity to listen to the presentations in the program, participate in networking events and in the exhibitor arena, and present themselves to companies during live pitches such as Tesco Technology, Continental, EPAM, or Bosch. “The hackathon has already been an important element of the Craft brand, but now for the first time the two events merge almost completely into one, so young startups can find potential investors, business partners, and future employers during the competition. Although the format is hybrid here as well, almost We expect 200 people in the Railway History Park, and the entrants in the fields of AI/ML, software development and healthcare will have to win the jury’s approval with their developments,” adds Károly Varga, co-founder and managing director of the organizer CraftHub.

As a beginner, you can register for the competition until May 16and in addition to the excellent opportunities, the winners can also walk away with a significant cash prize: the winner of each challenge will take home 1,500 euros, and the grand prize winner will take home an additional 3,000 euros.

Excellent ground for building relationships

This year, the conference also launched 2 diversity programs with the cooperation of SAP and Google, one specifically for women working in the tech world, and another for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups, so that they too can be part of this international community based on knowledge sharing. This time Craft is also preparing attractions and interesting relationship-building programs, one of the stages will be waiting for those interested in, for example, a huge circus tent, and there will also be a good-natured networking night – meaning that the participants can be enriched with unmissable experiences again this year.

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