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CSKvPBKS : Message from Pavilion; Conversation with Umpire; The ballet plan in the last ball! – CSKvPBKS : Punjab’s Plan to defeat CSK in last ball

The match between Chennai and Punjab teams was played at the Chennai Chepakkam Stadium. In this match which went till the last ball, Punjab team won by 4 wickets.

In the last over bowled by Pathirana, Punjab needed only 9 runs to win. Bhatirana bowled effectively and conceded only 6 runs off the first 5 balls. So, Punjab needed 3 runs to win from the last ball. Sikandar Raza was in Strike and I was Shahrukh Khan in Strike. Before the last ball, Dhoni changed the field a bit and got ready to be excited. Pathirana was also ready to start the run-up with the ball.

In this situation, suddenly Sikandar Raza moved from the strike and went towards the umpire. Shah Rukh Khan also went to the umpire and the two chatted with the umpire for a few minutes. There was also a message from the Punjab Pavilion. After this, they scored three runs in the last ball and won. Rahul Sahar of Punjab team shared in the press conference about what both of them talked to the umpire.

But whatever happened, Shah Rukh Khan didn’t leave. Sikandar Raza hit the ball to backward square leg and the duo finished the game successfully for 3 quick runs.


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