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Dad’s shirt too!.. The boy who wants to join dad can’t escape!.. Who is that dad that Vijay said?..

Actor Vijay said to the delight of all the actors and their fans that the people are the same, the actor is the same, the captain is the same, the world hero is the same, the superstar is the same, the actor is the same and his fans are happy. He has also bluntly said that he desires.

SA Chandrasekhar’s son, actor Vijay, did not become a director because he wanted Appa Cher. Instead, Vijay, who has been acting in films like actor Rajinikanth since his childhood and kept his mannerisms till the film Leo, put actor Rajinikanth in the position of father and made Rajini fans think that he has spoken to the leader’s son like this.

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Recently, the netizens are wondering if Vijay came to the Leo Success meeting wearing the same color shirt that actor Rajinikanth wore for the film Pheedara 170 and if he understood that Rajini fans would use it to troll him, he spoke such a dialogue.

On top of this, will Vijay’s fans not vent their anger on social media after hearing Vijay’s speech? Since last night, trolls have been attacking Rajinikanth again in Mark Antony style.

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