Dark Mode is finally coming to Google Maps on iOS

Dark Mode is finally coming to Google Maps on iOS

Google Maps on iOS has always been either a stellar competitor to Apple Maps or, for many, the go-to mapping app regardless of platform. Today, Google announced a couple of new features that will bring joy to those of us who have been enjoying apps in Dark Mode.

Earlier today, Google announced that it is finally bringing Dark Mode to Google Maps on iOS. Users will now be able to choose Dark Mode and, just like Apple Maps, see a night-friendly version of their map.

Experiencing screen fatigue or want to personalize your app? You’re in luck: dark mode on Google Maps for iOS starts rolling out in the coming weeks so you can give your eyes a break or save on battery life. To turn it on, head to your Settings, tap on dark mode, then select “On”.

Dark Mode has been kind of half-supported on iOS for a while now, but it was limited to navigation. Before starting to navigate, you always had to use Light Mode. Now, you’ll be able to cruise in Dark Mode the entire time. It’s unclear at this point, however, if Google will support automatic switching between Light and Dark Mode or require you to manually switch back and forth.

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In addition to announcing that Dark Mode would finally be coming to the Google Maps app on iOS, the company also revealed that it was bringing location sharing to iMessage. Soon, you’ll be able to share your location in Google Maps directly through iMessage.

Google also highlighted its new iOS widgets that it released to users last month. Users can now choose between two widgets to add to their home screen:

  • A widget that lets users check local traffic and weather conditions for a specific location.
  • Another widget that includes quick access to search as well as restaurants, gas stations, and more.

The new widgets and iMessage integration are already live and available to all users. Google says that the Dark Mode rollout will occur throughout the month.

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