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Darkroom launches Preset Discovery tool for sharing and installing photo edit styles

Finding the right look for your photos in Darkroom is about to become a whole lot easier.

Darkroom is a great tool for editing your photos, and presets let you save editing styles so you can reuse your preferences again and again.

Darkroom previously added the ability to share presets with other users, and that prompted users to share their presets in various places online.

Starting today, Darkroom is building a dedicated community for preset sharing right in the app. A new Preset Discovery button lets you browse and adopt tons of presets created by other Darkroom users.

“We’ve gotten lots of feedback on how useful Preset Sharing has been from the community, but having an easy-to-use place to browse was missing…until today,” the Darkroom team says. “The new Preset Discovery button in the Preset tool will take you to a new preset browsing page in-app, allowing you to install shared presets without jumping around and hunting for links.”

In addition to Preset Discovery within Darkroom, users can browse and install presets from darkroom.co/presets as well. To boost discovery, Darkroom has created several collections: Top Exported, Fresh Arrivals, Most Installed, Analog Film Favorites, and Independent Favorites.

Learn more from Darkroom’s Community Preset Discovery announcement here.

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