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Data-driven decision-making: a synthetic vision – ComputerTrends

In today’s business environment, it is a significant problem that data sets are not available in adequate quality and quantity. Synthetic data generation can be a solution to this, which can be a cheaper alternative than purchased data market solutions.

What is synthetic data generation?

In the process, they artificially create data that may be similar or identical to real data. This is usually done using algorithms that learn patterns and features in real-world data and then use them to create new, synthetic data.

Synthetic data generation may have several advantages in future applications. Such is the case, for example data protection and security area. The use of synthetic data allows data to be tested, developed or shared without sensitive or personal information. This is especially important in areas where data is confidential, such as healthcare or various financial fields.

Where little real data is available, the use of synthetic data can help balance missing information. This enables better performance and accuracy of learning models.
Easier and safer with the help of synthetic data algorithms and models can be tested. This makes it easier for developers to refine and optimize their systems.

By creating synthetic data it is phenomena can be simulated, which are rare or difficult to obtain in reality. This can be useful for preparing for rare events, such as natural disasters or extreme economic events.

What is Generative AI?

THE generative AI a branch of artificial intelligence that aims to create new, original content, data or information. This field includes various techniques and models capable of generating new data or content that appears real.

One such technique is the use of generative models such as deep neural networks. These models are able to learn the statistics of the input data and then generate new, similar data. Generative AI is widely used for text generation, image and video generation, music creation, and other creative content production.

In order to achieve the right result, however, an important role is played by “prompt engineering“. The prompt is the input that the user gives to the model in order to get the most suitable answer. The more detailed, more extensive the prompt and includes an example, the better answer the user will get. This is a key part of the performance for optimization!

The Amazon Bedrock can be a suitable choice, which is a fully controlled generative AI service and includes a wide range of models from leading AI companies such as AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI and Amazon.

What can you help with? TC2?

If your company wants to take advantage of synthetic data generation based on artificial intelligence, our company is committed to providing services that will help you confidently step into the future and optimally utilize the advantages offered by modern technology. We can provide assistance at various milestones in the process, in the planning phase we provide expert advice in choosing the most optimal solutions, while during development we provide customized solutions for our customers. In addition, we also help in testing synthetically generated data so that our customers can be sure of the stable and efficient operation of their system.

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