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DC v KKR: Narine, Russell Cyclone, especially that 2K kit… Scattered Delhi, Kolkata murderous win!

Kolkata Knight Riders led by Shreyas Iyer and Delhi Capitals led by Rishabh Pant won the toss and chose to bat first.

Wicket keeper Salt and all-rounder Sunil Narine started the Kolkata team in the match held at Visakhapatnam, Delhi’s home ground. ‘Swinger’ Khalil Ahmed, who bowled the first over for the Delhi team, was saluted by the extras as five fours and whites.

However, only 7 runs were scored in the first over, the second over bowled by Ishant Sharma and the third over bowled by Khalil turned into boundaries and the Salt-Nrain action partnership returned to the normal situation.

Sunil Narine

The Delhi team felt the full brunt of the injury to main bowler Mukesh Kumar as the sixes flew in the fourth over. It was ‘to no avail’ to reshuffle the fielding to get Narine out, who was threatening at a strike rate of 200. Kolkata scored 58 runs at the end of the fourth over.

The Delhi team started looking at Narine and asking, “Someone control him, sir.” David Warner dropped the catch given by Salt in the over bowled by Norkia. But the action player Salt was caught in the hands of Stubbs on the next ball. “Get away,” Warner’s mind voice called out faintly.

This is the first IPL match for Raghuvanshi who came next. The U19 Indian team player hails from Mumbai. He made his IPL entry on a high note by sending the first two balls he faced flying for boundaries.

Narine, who ate Rasheek’s over at 4, 6, 4, 4, crossed his half-century in 21 balls. This is the first half-century in IPL history for Narine to score on the power play.

A catch by Raghuvanshi in the 7th over bowled by Sumit gave Delhi away. “We don’t have an enemy outside,” the Delhi fans shouted.

Narine – Raghuvanshi combined to score 112 runs at the end of the 8th over which also bowled Akshar Patel’s over. Throwing off his helmet and fearing that he might come to punt, Sumith came with boundaries in his pocket!

Angkrish Raghuvanshi

Kolkata added 135 runs at the end of 10 overs to continue the action in the 10th over bowled by Marsh.

The Delhi team prepared for the downpour saying “Rytra… 280+ chasing today. Utamba Irumbakikada Krigala”.

Raghuvanshi, who handled the ‘reverse sweep’ well, played his part and Kolkata reached 150 in the 11th over.

The action of Narain – Raghuvanshi alliance went on without background singing as ‘Sangeetha Suvarangal Ejhe Kakpa Still Ika…’ Kolkata scored 100 runs in 46 balls.

When there was a doubt that maybe the Delhi team would try to take the wicket by asking the umpire to bowl next, Marsh came back with the ball. A shot lifts Narine in the milk. Delhi fans wrote to Delhi declaring Cyclone Narine’s action a disaster and asking them to give us 2 points relief(!).

Russell replaced Narine. This is the story of being trapped in fear of Siwal. On the other hand, Raghuvanshi crossed his half-century in 25 balls in his first match. In the next over, Raghuvanshi, who wanted to hit Narkia’s bouncer for an ‘upper cut’ boundary, was caught in the hands of Ishant Sharma. On the other hand, “This is a bad birth, he is a bad birth, am I the only one who despises it?” As Russell embarked on a ‘run robbery’ with captain Shreyas. Russell, who also harvested Khalil’s over correctly, made the team reach 200 runs in 15 overs.

In the 17th over, Marsh began hitting sixes with punch, saying, “My bus is Russell. My every stroke is a missile.” Shreyas also gave Marsh a six as “I’m also nice”.

But Khalil was caught by Shreyas Stubbs in the 18th over. Ringu Singh, who hit Norkia’s 19th over for sixes, scored 25 runs in that over and was caught in the same over.


In the first ball of the 20th over, Ishant was bowled by Russell Boult, then Ramandeep was caught. At the end of 20 overs, Kolkata scored 272 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. This is the second highest score in IPL history. Hyderabad scored 277 runs in the first place in the same season!

Cyclone Sunil, Raghuvanshi’s action debut, Russell’s “Russell Mania”, Rinku Singh’s “Rolex Cameo” all helped Kolkata set a record target.

Pappapatti’s team got into the chase miserably. The Warner-Prithvi Shah partnership opened the account with a bow to the Delhi fans. Starc entered the field with 24 crores in his pocket with the aim of somehow taking his first wicket in this IPL season. Only 11 runs came in that over, and Warner started his action in the second over of Vaibhav who came as an ‘Impact Player’.

In the same over, Delhi’s slide began as Prithvi Shah got out.

Mitchell Marsh replaced the punt. Starc again, but this time he picks up the wicket of Marsh instead of runs. In the 4th over bowled by Vaibhav, impact player Parol also got Delhi started to falter without a strong alliance. The entire responsibility fell on the Warner-Punt alliance.

Stark again. This time he bowled Warner. Starc returned to the world of cricket as an old pannier rich. Delhi lost 4 wickets at the end of the 4th over. 51 runs were scored at the end of the power play. You can only go up to Tirupati under Bund Pass!

David Warner

In Russell’s 7th over, Punt hit 2 sixes and gave Delhi some hope. Not to win, but to lose with honor! The Stubbs-Pundt partnership scored 50 runs in 26 balls. Delhi had added 83 runs at the end of the 9th over. Delhi got only 3 runs in Narine’s tenth over. Delhi moved towards a daunting target of 190 runs in 10 overs. (All that has to be reversed for the 20 over chase!)

10 runs from Varun Chakraborty’s 11th over. Delhi scored 28 runs in Venkatesh Iyer’s 12th over with 4, 6, 6, 4, 4, 4 punt action. This is the team’s first ‘big over’. This over has been hailed as the ‘Most Expensive Over’ of the season.

The skipper was bunt out in the 13th over by Varun Chakraborty. Stubbs hit two sixes in Narine’s 14th over and Delhi scored 19 runs in that over. Stubbs, who was single-handedly pushing the team, ended his innings at the hands of Varun Chakraborty with a half-century. Delhi lost 7 wickets for 159 runs. Everyone who came after that made a move once they realized that single digit was the target. Vaibhav Arora and Varun Chakraborty took 3 wickets each and Starc took 2 wickets.

Himalaya lost by a margin of 106 runs and Delhi is at the 9th position in the points table. One thing to note for Chennai fans after this match is that CSK’s next two matches are against Hyderabad who scored 277 and Kolkata who scored 272!

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