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DCvRCB: “We’re here” RCB beat Asura Delhi to win trophy; E Salah Cup is our very own!

DCvRCB: “We’re here” RCB beat Asura Delhi to win trophy;  E Salah Cup is our very own!


The Bangalore women’s team has come to the shores of the dream period of ‘E Sala Kap Namade’. Bangalore won the Women’s Premier League for the first time after defeating Delhi.


‘Sometimes things don’t go as you think. Personally I am not in good form. We didn’t get off to a good start. But that doesn’t mean we’re a bad team. We have talented players. There are fearless youths. We will make a strong comeback next season.’ Smriti Mandana, the captain of the team, had spoken like this when the Bangalore team lost badly in the last Women’s Premier League season. These painful words of Mandana have really paid off this season. This has turned out to be the season for Mandana and Bengaluru to make everything happen. The longing and dream of Bangalore team fans has come true. The team won a trophy for the first time.

This was not an easy thing to do. Last season, despite having excellent players, the Bangalore team took a hit. It had won only two matches out of 8 matches. This time, the Bangalore team did not perform so well in the league round. But the team had a pulse. There was a desire to recover from failures. This team had a great desire to accomplish the impossible. Whenever the team is in trouble, some player stands in front and takes responsibility and saves the team. Above all, this team had the best bowlers in Bangalore’s history.


Mumbai is a strong team. Defending champion. Bangalore team faced them in the eliminator. Batting first, Bangalore scored only 130+ runs. Beating a team like Mumbai to this score is a Himalayan challenge. But the Bangalore team did it. Won the match by 5 runs. Sreyanka Patil, Ellis Perry, Molineux and the entire unit bowled well. Bangalore won the last league match against Mumbai. They would have restricted the Mumbai team to 113 runs in that match. Only Ellis Perry took 6 wickets in that match. Similarly, in the first match against Uttar Pradesh, Bangalore team won by 2 runs after scoring 157 runs. Asha Shobana took 5 wickets in that match. In this way, the bowling of the Bangalore team was excellent throughout this series. That was not the case last season. The men went from strength to strength down the stretch of the season.

They have won the trophy only because they continued that excellent bowling in the final. Bangalore had a psychological problem against Delhi. That means, before this final match, Bangalore team has faced Delhi team 4 times so far. Delhi has won all 4 times. In the last match they fought hard and lost by 1 run. Even with such a record, it was Bengaluru’s bowling that caused Delhi to lose. Delhi batted first. No wicket was lost in the Powerplay. They had scored more than 60 runs. After that, Molineux took 3 wickets in one over and turned the match in favor of Bangalore. Shebali Verma, Jemima and Capsi had defeated all three. Sreyanka Patil, who has been in the mix throughout the season, took 4 wickets in this match as well.


As a result, Delhi were all out for 113 runs. 114 runs target for Bengaluru. They approached the chase a bit cautiously as they had a good chance of winning the trophy for the first time. They carried the runs according to the ball.

Ellis Perry stood his ground and made sure there was no collapse even in the last over. A desperate Richa Ghosh hit a boundary as Bangalore won the match as they lost against Delhi by 1 run. Knocked off the title of champion.

Throughout the season, Australian player Ellis Perry was a superstar in both batting and bowling. He has contributed a lot to Bengaluru’s success. All in all, whatever Smriti Mandhana said with her head bowed down and sad to happen in the next season has happened to them this season.

Ellis Berry holds an orange hat. Sreyanka holds a purple hat. Bangalore holds the trophy. No one can use ‘e sala kab namate’ as kalai anymore. Congratulations RCB



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