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Delete your last 15 minutes of Google Search history rolling out on Android

Last year at Google I/O, Google announced that the ability to delete your last 15 minutes of search history would be coming to mobile. It began to roll out on iOS shortly after, but the feature was noticeably absent on Android. The company said it would be coming to the platform later on in the year, and refused to elaborate further. Now it’s finally rolling out on Android, nearly a year later.

Google also offers the ability for you to automatically delete your search history every three, 18, or 36 months. It’s actually a feature that was launched a few years ago at this stage, and new accounts made after June 2020 automatically have auto-delete switched on by default. If your account is older, though, you’ll need to enable that option manually.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to delete your last 15 minutes of searches — from wanting to hide those dumb questions you needed to ask the internet to just wanting to hide a few private searches. It’s a little bit weird that the feature was rolled out on iOS first, ahead of Android, nearly an entire year ahead of time.

Not everyone has the feature yet, but it appears to be rolling out to users now. I don’t have it on any of my accounts yet, but a number of other users on Twitter have reported that they also have the option. To access it, open the Google app, tap your profile in the top right, and if you have it, there’ll be the option to delete the last 15 minutes of browsing history. Let us know in the comments if it’s rolled out for you!

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