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Deputy Commissioner, Chepauk Ticket Sales Field; concentrated police; Check points! | Spot Visit

The match between Chennai team and Delhi team is going to be held on the 10th at the Chepakkam stadium in Chennai. Ticket sales for this match have started today. More than usual police were deployed and ticket sales were conducted with great fervor.


Earlier, 5 matches were held in the same season. The ticket sales for this match were a little different than the ticket sales for those 5 matches. Last time, during the ticket sale, there was no separate queue for women. Men were given tickets on the other side of the queue. The women were put to great difficulty as they were made to stand in a uniform group without any order. Based on this, we had also published a news on the Vikatan site.

Separate queue for women

In this case, today a separate counter was set up exclusively for women on the left side of Pattabraman Gate on Walaja road. The order was also formalized.

They went in line one by one without crowding and got the 2000 rupees tickets issued at the counter.

There was no separate queue for disabled people in past sales. This time it is planned to issue tickets to them separately at the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association office.

There was great anticipation among the fans for the last match between Chennai and Mumbai.


Due to this, during the ticket sales for the last match, the crowd has gathered to an uncontrollable level. The police themselves struggled to control the crowd. All the beatings were done. Caught in the crowd, some fainted. The area around the stadium was tense.

Due to this, the pre-sale planning for today’s match had also gone terribly wrong.

Several check points were set up both at Victoria Hostel Road and Walaja Road where tickets were sold. The counters where the poles were tied and arranged were also covered with wire netting. A few meters around the counter was barricaded so that no one from outside could contact the people in the queue. Apart from the fans who had already stood in the queue since night and early morning, no other fans who arrived in the morning were allowed to stand.

Victoria Hostel Road

‘Where are you going?’ They inquired and sent it. Police were also deployed at the entrance of Chepakkam railway station. Their job was to divert the people coming out after 7 o’clock without approaching the ticket counter. Those who came out after buying tickets were immediately removed from there.

Triplicane DC Deshmukh

Thiruvallikeni Deputy Commissioner Deshmukh also came directly to the field and patrolled the ground. He arrived at the stadium before the ticket sales started and continuously monitored every counter to see if everything was going smoothly.


It was also seen that some of the policemen who were standing for security had lunch while regulating the queues in between duty without city hours. Fans bought their tickets faster and safer than last time.

‘Such formalized procedure could have been followed in the previous matches too..’ was the thought of the fans.


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