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Dhanush insisted to make that film! But do you know what the result was?

Actor Dhanush: Actor Dhanush is a top hero in Tamil cinema. Recently, Dhanush is emerging as an actor who can be admired by all big directors and producers.

We have seen a few celebrities speaking with surprise after seeing the change in Dhanush even at this young age like experience and good maturity. Lately the characters he chooses are also different.

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His movie Captain Miller is releasing on 12th. The music launch party for the film was held recently. In this situation Mitran Jawahar who gave four hit films with Dhanush told some interesting incident.

Mithran Jawahar directed Dhanush’s first hit film Yaardi Nee Mohini. It is a remake of a Telugu film. Next he took a film called Kutti. It is also a remake film. It was at that time that Mithran had given an interview saying ‘I will never do remake films again’.

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At that time, Mithran got a chance to make another film with Dhanush. But that too is a remake of a Telugu film. So he has said that I will never do this film.

Knowing this, Dhanush asked ‘Why are you saying this?’ Mithran replied, ‘Oh sir, I have seen the Telugu version of this film. It’s a stupid picture. How can I take it?’ He asked that. But Dhanush said, ‘Yo, I saw it too. good picture. It’s quite a comedy. I’m going to do it. What do you say?’ He asked.

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Mithran asked for some time after that and took the film only after that. That movie is Uttamputran movie.

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