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Dhoni: Tea Lover; Bike Rider; Lion of Surya; Vijay’s Friendship; – 7 interesting facts about Dhoni! | 7 Interesting things about Dhoni – HBD Dhoni

All the information about Dhoni related to cricket is relevant for the fans. But beyond that, there are many interesting things about Dhoni. Here is the information shared by Dhoni himself!

“Tea” lover Dhoni!

In an interview, ‘What is your favorite thing that you can’t avoid wherever you go?’ Dhoni will be asked the question. To which Dhoni would reply with one word ‘Tea’.

I drink it before practice, after practice, wherever tea is served, like in the gym. Drinking too much sugar can make you feel a little guilty. However, he would have said that he could not avoid tea. Videos of Dhoni drinking tea while training in Cheppak have been widely shared on the internet.

Dhoni and spirituality!

A photo of Dhoni posing with the Bhagavad Gita in his hand recently went viral on the internet. Dhoni is truly a spiritual man. Dhoni was supposed to donate his hair to Tirupati if he won the World Cup.

Also, a Durga temple in Ranchi’s Deor is a temple close to Dhoni’s heart. Dhoni makes it a point to visit this Durga temple before every major series and perform pujas.


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