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Dhoni: “The players will assemble after the match!” Why is Dhoni surrounded by youngsters? – An Analysis IPL 2023 : Analyzing Dhoni’s Convo’s with young players

Dhoni could have learned a lesson on how to handle young players from his struggles as a young player.

This is the view of keen cricket commentator Joy Bhattacharya based on Dhoni’s advice to young players.

This is an important assessment as a lesson from Dhoni’s own experience. Because Dhoni held a famous press meet in his early days as captain. A pressmeet is usually attended by the captain, coach or one of the players. But Dhoni brought the entire Indian team to the press meet. The reason was that Dhoni had held this press meet after reports of a rift between the captain and some senior players, especially Sehwag, within the team. Herein lies the strength of Bhattacharya’s argument.

Nehra, who is a one-time former player of the Indian team and is currently the coach of the Gujarat team, had something to share.

Dhoni made his debut for the Indian team in 2004-05. At that time Sachin, Zakir, Harbhajan, Yuvraj and I would go for dinner together.


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