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Dhruv Jurel: "Century doesn’t matter; It’s enough if the team wins!" – Dhruv Jurel Resilience

A 5-match Test series is underway between India and England.

Apart from the first match, the Indian team is leading by 2-1 after winning the second and third matches. Following this, the fourth match is being held in Ranchi. In this match, when the Indian team was in a difficult situation in the first innings, Dhruv Jurel was a great support for the Indian team by scoring 90 runs. It is noteworthy that this is his second international Test match.

ind vs eng

Many are congratulating Dhruv Jurel who has revived the Indian team with his calm play. However, Dhruv Jural failed to register his maiden century as he smashed 90 off 149 balls. Speaking about this, he said, “To tell you the truth, I have no regrets about not scoring a century. This is my first test series. The only desire I have is to lift the trophy for the team with my hands. “Playing Test cricket has been my biggest dream since childhood.”

Dhruv Jurel also said, “I will prepare for any match a couple of weeks in advance. I will be learning a lot about the bowling that I am going to face.

Dhruv Jurel

I often watch videos of people bowling against me. I visualize myself playing accordingly. It will help me a lot.”

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