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Dhruv Jurel: “The mother who sold the chain and became a cricketer!” – Will Dhruv Jurel be the next Dhoni?

‘I don’t have enough money to spend on this. We don’t want this cricket…’ These were the words of Dhruv Jurel when he stood up to his father with his love for cricket.

Dhruv Jurel, who took up cricket in a poor environment, has now become the savior of the Indian team in Ranchi.

Dhruv Jurel

At one point in the ongoing third Test in Ranchi, the Indian team was left behind. But it has bounced back and is now moving towards success. The reason is rookie Dhruv Jurel. England batted first. The team scored 353 runs in the first innings. In response, the Indian team started batting and struggled. They lost 5 wickets for 161 runs. Doubts were beginning to form that the England team would gain a lead of many runs. It was at this point that Dhruv Jurel came in. Known as an action player, Jurel understood the need of the situation and adjusted himself accordingly and played an excellent game.

He formed alliances with the back-rowers without any problems and raised the run tally. He put on a partnership of 76 runs with Kuldeep Yadav. Akash put on a 40-run partnership with Deep. Dhruv Jurel’s partnership with them saved the Indian team. Indian team crossed 300 runs. Fewer runs were left behind. Dhruv Jurel was the last wicket to fall on 90 off 149 balls.

Dhruv when dismissed

Jurel, who has been mixed as a wicket-keeper batsman as the savior of the Indian team, ‘looking at the talent of Dhruv Jurel, it seems that he will emerge as the next Dhoni.’ As Gavaskar has praised.

Like Dhoni, Dhruv Jurel has a simple background. His father Neem Singh served in the army. He served the nation during the Kargil war. However, it is economically backward. “We were struggling financially. Then he asked us to buy a kit bag. It required a few thousand. We can’t.


‘You don’t want cricket…’ I said. Crying, he went into the bathroom and closed the door. His mother sold the only gold chain she had and bought him a kit bag. It makes us laugh when we think about it now. But, he has suffered a lot for cricket.

A family’s dream come true. Now he needs to be more polite.’ Dhruv Jurel’s father Neem Singh has flexibly said that he has instructed.

‘It didn’t bother me that I didn’t score a hundred. Glad to have contributed to the team.’ Dhruv Jurel had said. He also thanked his father by giving a salute while playing well.


His son has started making India proud in sports just as his father made the nation proud as a soldier. Sarbaraz Khan was the talk of the town throughout the last match. Dhruv Jurel has been the talk of the match throughout. Apart from the stars, the focus on the debutants has added to the interest in cricket.

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