EntertainmentDid you love him?.. Jayalalitha surprised the reporter who...

Did you love him?.. Jayalalitha surprised the reporter who asked the question..


Actress Jayalalitha is a surprising woman in Tamil cinema. Jayalalithaa was a woman who had all the features like brave thinking, ability to face anything bravely, skillful acting, attractive elegance.



Jayalalitha shined with a different style and style among the actresses. Studying, dancing and acting were all a little extra for him. Jayalalitha has become a new trend among actresses who wear body wraps.

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She shined as a modern girl in sleeveless dress, tight pant, kurta. That’s why everyone’s eyes were on him. At that time Jayalalitha was mostly paired with the actor Pratachithalai. He has acted in almost 28 films with MGR.


jayalalitha mgr

This led to gossip between them. While giving an interview to an English magazine about this, Neerupar asked, ‘Did you listen to MGR?’ Jayalalitha replied, ‘Everyone who has met MGR has fallen in love with him. MGR has such a crush that she was amazed by MGR’s films even before I came to the cinema.


jayalalitha mgr

He was the one who filled the void left by my mother and always cared and loved me. There are two people who have dominated me in my life. One is my mother and the other is MGR. Jayalalitha has shared her deep memories saying that MGR has been my friend, father, mother, guru and guide in my life.

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