Home Latest Feeds Technology News Did you order from Wish in 2021? You might get money from the company

Did you order from Wish in 2021? You might get money from the company

Did you order from Wish in 2021?  You might get money from the company


The platform may have misled consumers using unfair means.

The California-based company launched an investigation as early as 2021 Wish against the Economic Competition Authority (GVH) – writes a Telex. According to the portal’s information, the authority started probing the e-commerce platform because it suspected that the company had deceptively displayed certain discounts, or had put unfair pressure on the for online buyers.

GVH suspected, among other things, that merchants selling through Wish’s platform displayed unrealistic prices, but it happened that they promised customers an improbably large discount or specifically advertised their products with false claims. It is also an unfair practice to try to convince users using various methods – in the case of Wish with a countdown clock – that they can miss out on the offered discount if they do not order the product in question immediately.

Ultimately, Wish management decided to offer a compensation package to affected users to avoid possible fines. It means that

Hungarian users who bought something on the Wish interface by clicking on an instant offer in 2021 will now receive a credit credit of HUF 1,500.

According to Telex, this may affect 100-150 thousand users. In addition, Wish has also undertaken to launch a consumer education campaign on its platforms, and will also more strictly control the activities of merchants selling through the platform. The aforementioned instant offers will not be used in the future, as well as the display of discounts found problematic by the authority.

The GVH accepted the compensation proposed by the company and terminated the procedure.

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