Android NewsDifferences between restrict, mute and block on Instagram

Differences between restrict, mute and block on Instagram


It’s not all black and white on Instagram, so you can handle the heavies.

Differences between restrict, mute and block on Instagram
Dominate Instagram by controlling your privacy to the maximum

The block on instagram it can be very radical. There are intermediate options that can be useful as restrict and mute. In the following guide we present the differences between these three functionalities.

Well chosen and applied will help you control to the millimeter do you see in you feed Instagram, being able to segment the accounts that show you content, thus obtaining a 100% personalized experience.

What is restrict on Instagram

The truth is restrict, mute and block on Instagram they are not the same. In a certain way, they may seem similar, but each one has its peculiarities and can even be complementary depending on the case.

By restricting to a contact what we do is set certain limits between the accounts. As the word itself indicates.

If you decide to restrict an account on Instagram, the truth is that can you keep sending messages, with the difference that they come to you as message requests, which you will have to approve. This is ideal if a person annoys you a lot and you don’t want to be receiving messages from them all the time, but prefer to limit them.

When restricting to an account, something similar happens with the sending of comments. The comments I send you they will not be visible unless you decide to manually approve them. So they will pass your manual filter. You will not see anything that a restricted account publishes on your Insta unless you decide so.

But be careful, because if you restrict to an account will not be able to see if you are connected or if you have read the messages. But since it is not a block, if you will be able to continue accessing your publications and Instagram Stories.

It is like setting certain limits but without becoming a block, with which it can be a intermediate solution in certain cases.

If you restrict a user’s account, does he know?

A priori, he does not have to know that you have restricted his account. Even though you can sense it if he never sees you connected or if he doesn’t receive message reading receipts.

How to restrict an account on Instagram

To restrict an account on instagram from Android, simply follow these steps:

  • Enter the profile of the user you want to restrict
  • Tap the 3 dots in the menu
  • Now click on “Restrict” > “Restrict account”
  • You can see that a confirmation box will appear in case you want to think twice, but when you do this, that account will be restricted. But you you can remove that restriction at any time.

    Steps to follow to restrict an Instagram account

    This is how you can restrict an account on Instagram

    How to remove account restriction

    If you want to leave it as it was and remove the restrictionjust do this:

  • Enter the profile of the user you have restricted
  • Tap the 3 dots in the menu
  • Now click on “Cancel restriction”
  • If everything went well, it will show you on the screen unrestricted account and everything will return to normal.

    What is muting on Instagram

    If the characteristic of mute Instagram contacts are enough for you, you don’t need to restrict, much less block.

    The truth is that with the option to silence the other account you can see everything you post and comment on. Who you don’t see is you. Let’s say, the goal of muting an account is that Don’t see their posts or stories.

    It’s like someone bothered you and you don’t want to know anything about what he posts, but without having to block it. Because when you block it, he realizes it and in this way it is only for you. So if this happens to you with someone, it is the option you need.

    How to mute an account on Instagram

    Follow these steps:

  • Enter the profile of the user you want to silence
  • Tap the “Following” button
  • Hit “Mute”
  • Choose if you want to mute posts or stories
  • Steps to follow to silence an account on Instagram

    Steps to mute an account on Instagram

    If you mute someone on Instagram, does they notice?

    If the contact you’ve muted sees that you never interact with their posts, could realize that you have silenced him. But you can never know for sure.

    How to unmute an account

    If you want to reverse the situation because you regret it and want to continue seeing what that person posts, you have to do the following:

  • Enter the profile of the muted user
  • Tap the “Following” button
  • Hit “Mute”
  • Turn off “Mute posts or stories”
  • you just have to turn off the switches and ready. So you can leave it as it was by default and find out, again, everything that person publishes.

    What is blocking on Instagram

    When blocking a contact on Instagram you happen to say no to everything. That is, they will not be able to see your posts or your stories. They will also not be able to send you messages, comments or see if you are online.

    Of course, keep in mind that the blocking works in both directions. If you block a contact you will not be able to gossip.

    Unlike Twitter, Instagram does not notify you if you block. But it is evident because if the person searches for you, they will see that your account has disappeared.

    In fact, the blocking is so heavy that it also loads likes and comments sent. And be careful, because even if you unlock the account, all that will no longer return. So you should think twice before blocking someone.

    How to block an account on Instagram

    You can see them Steps to block an account on Instagram from this link. Easy and well detailed. Basically you have to:

    • Enter the profile of the account you want to block.
    • Click on the three points that you will find in the upper right corner.
    • Click on “Block”.

    How to unblock an account on Instagram

    If you regret it and want to reverse the situation, simply go back to the profile of the person you have blocked and click on “To unlock”. So you can start from scratch.

    In which cases it is convenient to block, restrict and silence accounts on Instagram

    If someone annoys you and you don’t want to see anything they say, what you have to do is mute. In this way, nothing will appear on the timeline. Of course, you will be fine because they will not notice, while with a block they will be aware when they see that your account has disappeared.

    the option of to restrict it’s ideal if someone is bothering you and posts a comment that you’d rather see than post it directly. This way it will pass your filter previously. It’s like a pre-block.

    Meanwhile he blocking It is when you do not want to know anything about a person, either because it bothers you or because it is your ex. Also, you like the idea of ​​him knowing that you have blocked him, because he will no longer be able to see your account.

    Three options available in one click. Choose the one you want and enjoy a healthier form of the social network.


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