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DIGI is also raising prices – we show the details – PCW

Not long after Yettel, another telecommunications company announced price increases.

We recently reported that announced a price increase with Yetwho not long before the Telecom and the Vodafone also informed its subscribers about the increase in tariffs.

Based on this, it was expected that it would only be a matter of time before DIGI Távközlési és Szolgáltató Kft., among the major market players, announces that it will raise the fees for its services, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent than provided for in the legal framework.

To be precise, the increase will take place from May 1, 2024, according to which the monthly fees for their broadcast, wired internet and wired voice services will also increase by nearly 15 percent.

“The correction also affects the discounts provided in DIGI’s fixed-term contracts, as well as the discounts for subscribers who require electronic invoices, both of which will increase by 14.9 percent from May 1”

– can be read in the company’s announcement.

By the way, the price increase is 2.7 percentage points more favorable than the 17.6 percent consumer price index determined by the Central Statistical Office (KSH), and at the same time, among the largest market service providers, DIGI is the one whose prices change the least. Starting from February 1, the company will notify the subscribers affected by the price change electronically and in the attachment of the invoice.

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